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Attention all units. Some psychos are robbing the bank at Palomino Creek.

— Police radio call-outs about Catalina and CJ's attack on the Palomino Creek bank

Small Town Bank is one of the four missions unlocked by the mission First Date in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where Carl Johnson first meets Catalina.


Carl and Catalina are planning on robbing the Palomino Creek Bank. They get in to a vehicle and head off to their destination. Once they arrive, Catalina gives Carl a Pump Shotgun, and tells him to make sure none of the employees put their hands down, as they will set the alarm off. Unfortunately, one of the employees manages to put their hands down and the alarm goes off (or alternatively Carl shoots one of them and sets the alarm off). This triggers a cutscene, showing two deputies leaving the doughnut shop, hopping into their Ranger, and driving to the bank, surrounding it with some other deputies that arrive on HPV-1000s.

With the police surrounding the building, Carl uses the shotgun to destroy the ATM machines and retrieves the money inside. Once the three machines are destroyed and the money is collected, Catalina breaks down the door, and Carl shoots through the police officers in the alleyway with her. At the end of the alleyway, two deputies confront the two on HPV-1000s, and Carl kills them.

The next objective is to follow Catalina on one of the bikes while two other deputies pursue her. After a long chase, Catalina is surrounded by the police. Carl picks her up and takes her home, then the mission is passed.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Point your gun at the staff to keep them scared and under control
  • Destroy the ATM machines and retrieve the money
  • Follow Catalina
  • Catalina's surrounded by cops. Rescue her and get back to the hideout


The reward for successfully completing this mission is $10,000.


  • Palomino Creek Bank employees (optional) - Can be killed by Carl Johnson for putting their hands down in order to trigger the alarm.
  • Multiple state patrol officers - Killed by Carl Johnson and Catalina for blocking their way.
  • Two stay-and-shoot state patrol bikers - Killed by Carl Johnson and Catalina in the town for blocking their way.
  • Two state patrol bikers (optional) - Can be killed by Carl Johnson in pursuit.


Video Walkthroughs


  • When Catalina is surrounded by the police, a glitch will happen. All pedestrians, police, and cars will disappear, leaving the whole of San Andreas as a ghost state. This glitch can be useful to explore San Fierro and Las Venturas (as well as going into the Easter Basin Naval Station and Area 69) without police attention. The only way to get out of this glitch is to simply take Catalina home and finish the mission.
  • It is impossible to keep the bank employees from activating the alarm and successfully leave the bank without triggering the alarm and the 3-star wanted level. While the player can delay the alarm by aiming at the employees continuously, eventually the security guard will shoot at CJ when the task is no longer possible. The outcome will always defer to the alarm going off and the pair escaping on police bikes.
  • If the player manages to touch the Police Bribe during the chase, the last cop in line will flip 45 degrees, causing him to bail out and chase on foot instead.
  • During the chase, Carl and Catalina will jump across the broken Palomino Creek Bridge, triggering a Unique Stunt Jump.
  • When triggering the Unique Stunt Jump on the bridge, sometimes Catalina's voice will be in slow motion when she says "You slow bastard!" as a joke to the game slowing time down on the jump.
  • The Pump Shotgun will be automatically added to the player's inventory after robbing the bank. If the player has another type of shotgun, it will be replaced.
  • This is the only time when the police officers riding the HPV-1000s are not regular motorcycle cops. All cops on the HPV-1000s here are the San Andreas State Patrol deputies.
  • Upon first exiting the bank out the back, look to the left in the first alleyway where a deputy ambushes Catalina as the deputies parked an Enforcer there. However, it is unusable for Carl as the doors are locked.
  • If the player doesn't kill the last two police officers riding the HPV-1000s and trying to surround Carl and Catalina once getting out of the bank and instead going outside, normal rural police officers will spawn as in free roam like usual, as the wanted level has been already attained. However, for some reason, the normal rural cops and the two rural bikers will attack each other and it won't end until the bikers are killed, which is unrealistic, since the former and the latter are both rural cops and share with the same model. However, it is possible that the bikers in this mission use different AIs. This is confirmed on the PC version.