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"The Slasher stalks up to 7 Hunted with a shotgun. And they've only got flashlights. After 3 minutes, the Hunted get shotguns to turn the tables on the Slasher. If the Slasher or all the Hunted are killed within the time-limit, the other team wins."
Rockstar Games Social Club Description.

Slasher is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Halloween Surprise update.


"This hyper-sensory game mode requires concentration, marksmanship and a rigid control of your own fear. Where you lack vision, you'll have to use touch, sound and instincts to ensure survival. Those who are yet to play the mode should know that the Slasher begins each round armed with a Shotgun and has three minutes to dispense with the Flashlight-wielding Hunted as they hide in the gloom and darkness. After three minutes, the game turns on its head as the Hunted also receive Shotguns and the Slasher becomes the prey."
Rockstar Newswire description.

Slasher missions focus on darkness. All missions take place inside buildings, except Slasher III which takes place on a ship.

There are two teams:

  • The Slasher: The Slasher team always only has one player, the job host by default. The Slasher is equipped with a shotgun with flashlight modification. The objective of the Slasher is to find and kill all of the Hunted.
  • The Hunted: The Hunted team can have from 1 to 7 players. The Hunted team members only carry a Flashlight and should hide. If they manage to stay alive for 3 minutes, they also get a shotgun. Their goal is to kill the Slasher.

During the first 3 minutes, the Hunted are at a disadvantage; having only a melee weapon and their fists to fight a shotgun-armed enemy. However, after the first 3 minutes, every player carries a shotgun, and the possibly superior number of Hunted remaining might make the tables turn.

If no victory conditions are met, that is, if the Slasher and at least one Hunted are alive when the second timer ends, both sides fail the mission.

If the Slasher wins they stay as the Slasher for the next round, whereas if a Hunted kills the Slasher, they become the Slasher for the next round.

Winning rounds and matches

By its nature, this Adversary Mode has a particular way of scoring. All the Hunters win the round no matter who killed the Slasher. That can lead to an odd situation. In a game with Player A, B and C, default options (2 rounds to win), this can happen:

Round 1: Player A is the Slasher and wins.

Round 2: Player A is the Slasher and loses.

Round 3: Player B is the Slasher and loses.

At the end of Round 3, the game will end, as player A and player C have both won two rounds. The ending sequence will, however, claim that all the Hunted team is the winner, even if there were other players who didn't win the same amount of rounds or who were previously in the opposite team.


When being the Slasher, a good strategy is to be thorough when checking for hideouts. To avoid melee attacks, it is best to keep a distance when going through corridors and narrow areas.

A good strategy for a member of the Hunted is to hide, and when the Slasher walks by, come out and hit the Slasher with the flashlight. This works especially well on Slasher IV as it is pitch black and the Slasher may be forced to use his/her flashlight.

In general, paying close attention to sounds and changes in light levels can reveal the position of the enemy.


As one of the Hunted, embrace the darkness. Rather than overusing the Flashlight and giving the position away, instead try using the Radar to navigate around the map. If using a game controller, the player will feel it vibrate with increased intensity and frequency as the Slasher gets closer, so use this to determine whether they are coming towards or moving away. If you're going to move from your hiding spot, do so before the vibrations become near-constant or run the risk of getting caught in headlights while switching positions. Just remember, all the pressure lies on the Slasher since the player and his team all unlock guns eventually - it is always possible to lie in wait rather than run around and risk getting shot. During the unarmed period, it is recommended that the player and his team spread out across the map – staying in groups is a high risk strategy, however baiting the Slasher can catch them by surprise, and provide the opportune moment for everyone to work together to knock their lights out. Once the three minutes is up and all the Hunted becomes armed, players will certainly want to stay as close together as possible since two bullets are always better than one. Try using another member of the Hunted as bait.

When as the Slasher, the clock is ticking, so do whatever it's possible to eliminate the targets in that three-minute window. By design, the Hunted can hear everyone including the Slasher, but not the other way around. As the Slasher, try tricking the opponents by telling them to meet at a certain location, only to ambush them upon their arrival. Alternatively, the Slasher can make sounds to distract them – which could possibly work with a lobby full of players as well. This audio trickery is a roll of the dice as they might not buy it at all – but it is worth a shot. To really startle your opponents, switch from the Shotgun to Machete for a quieter approach - the Hunted are expecting a bullet to the head, not a knife to the back.


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Image Location
Slasher1-GTAO Slasher I takes place inside of Raven Slaughterhouse, as seen in the mission 'Fresh Meat'.
Slasher2-GTAO Slasher II takes place inside of the FIB Headquarters, as seen in the mission 'The Bureau Raid'.
Slasher3-GTAO Slasher III takes place on the Dignity, Pacific Ocean, as seen in the mission 'Daddy's Little Girl'.
Slasher4-GTAO Slasher IV takes place inside of Humane Labs and Research, as seen in 'Monkey Business' and 'The Humane Labs Raid'.
Slasher5-GTAO Slasher V takes place inside of Los Santos County Coroner Office, as seen in the mission 'Dead Man Walking'.
Slasher VI (also known as Bunker Slasher) takes place inside one of the former military facilities turned purchasable Bunkers around San Andreas.



  • This adversary mode is very similar to the video game Slender, as well as the Halloween movie franchise, starring Michael Myers.
  • Slasher is a reference to the Slasher Film sub-genre of horror, where one murderous entity stalks and attempts to kill a group of people (usually teenagers).
  • Just like the Beast vs. Slasher mode, as well as when the EMP detonates in The Humane Labs Raid, the entire state of San Andreas loses power when the lights turn off.
    • This can be most easily seen in "Slasher III". There appears to be a visual glitch however, where light is still illuminating from the city's buildings, even though the light source is no longer there.
    • After Gunrunning a new slasher map was added with many other adversary modes into the Bunker.

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