Slash TV is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The side mission can be activated in the hull of the ship in Portland Docks where Vincenzo Cilli was killed during the mission The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade. The mission can be triggered by pressing the R3 button (PS2) or up button (PSP) inside the hull of the ship whilst wearing the Overalls Outfit between 18:00 and 5:00.


Slash TV takes the same premise as The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade mission, with Toni having to kill people wielding chainsaws, with each level having more people attacking Toni. The first time Toni has to beat the mission, he has to defeat homeless people with chainsaws, whilst the second time the mission is triggered it has people in Cox mascot suits. Each session of the mission has five levels.

Various items can be collected whilst playing Slash TV. Enemies will drop money, as well as chainsaws, Micro SMGs, health, and armor. A randomly selected bonus weapon also appears after completing each level.


The monetary reward for completing Slash TV increases with each level. The first level has a reward of $100, the second $300, the third $500, the fourth $700 and the fifth $1,500. The Cox Mascot Outfit is also unlocked after completing this side mission twice.


  • It is advised that the player uses a Combat Shotgun or Minigun whilst playing this mission as they both take down enemies very quickly and effectively.
    • Katana is the most recommended melee weapon for the players who want to beat this mission without wasting any single ammo, since its one-hit instant kill will easily behead enemies in one swing. However, this also means the player should be more careful to avoid getting hit by the enemy's chainsaw when about to behead them.
  • The mission is significantly easier on iOS/Android, as these ports contain auto aim.
  • It is recommended for the player to complete the Paramedic side mission as they are rewarded infinite sprint.

Video Walkthrough

GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile - Slash TV

GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile - Slash TV


  • Both the mission's title and gameplay are a reference to the 1990 video game Smash TV. The use of the overalls with the hockey mask is a reference to the 1974 horror film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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