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Michael, Trevor and Franklin's beginning stats.

Skills work as the unique stats of each protagonist in Grand Theft Auto V. Just like the Stats in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, they are adjustable, however less variable and specific. There are eight categories of these skills. 

Special Ability

Main article: Special Ability

How long a Special Ability can remain active while fully charged. Store more charge for a greater maximum duration. Increasing is specific to each character.


Increase by scoring headshots, executing stealth takedowns, doing yoga sessions, drinking wheatgrass in his safehouse, letting his health drop down to 25% and maintaining high speeds in vehicles as Michael.


Increase by driving against the flow of traffic, narrowly avoiding collisions, and maintaining high speeds in vehicles as Franklin.


Increase by performing things that will make him furious like taking damage, falling over, running into pedestrians, getting hit by vehicles on the road, killing enemies, scoring headshots, and maintaining high speeds in vehicles as Trevor.


How long the player can run, swim, or cycle at full speed before losing health due to overexertion. Increase this skill by practicing any of these disciplines. Every 190 yards (or 175 meters) the player runs or minutes they swim, the stamina skill will raise by 1%. This skill is extremely useful as the player will have unlimited stamina after maxing out this skill.


The player's skill in handling firearms. Dampens recoil, reduces reload time, heightens accuracy, and increases ammo capacity. Increase this skill by landing hits on enemies, scoring head-shots, and successfully completing Shooting Range challenges. The player can raise their shooting skill with the gun challenges. It will raise at 3% for gold medals, 2% for silver medals and 1% for bronze medals.


The player's physical power and resilience. Boosts melee damage, speeds up ladder climbing, improves sporting agility, and reduces damage taken from various sources (Including damage to armor). Increase by scoring hits in melee combat and practicing sports. For every 20 punches the player land, the strength skill will raise by 1%. Killing cows on the Grapeseed Farms gives the player almost the same amount of percent for every 20 punches. Playing Golf or Tennis will assist in enhancing this skill.


The player's skill at remaining undetected. Move quickly and quietly when in stealth mode. Tapping the sprint key once while stealth walking will make the player go a little faster. Increase this skill by remaining undetected and performing silent takedowns when in stealth mode. The player can raise this skill by performing stealth takedowns and walking while in stealth mode. For every two stealth takedowns the player lands, the stealth skill will heighten by 1.5%, while every forty-yards the player walks in stealth mode will heighten it by 1%.


The player's skill in the cockpit of various aircraft. Take off, land, and manage turbulence more easily. Increase this skill by flying for sustained periods and succeeding at flight school challenges. The player receives a 3% to 5% increase of the Flying skill for every gold medal they get in flight school. For those who do not wish to participate in this activity, for every 10 minutes spent flying, the Flying skill will raise by 1%. Flying under a bridge will increase the Flying skill by 1%.


The player's skill behind the wheel or handlebars. Pop wheelies more easily and retain more control while airborne. Increase this skill by holding wheelies and landing squarely out of big jumps. Every second spent in the air while driving the Driving skill will raise by 1%. Also every successful Stunt Jump gives the player around of 2 or 3%.  It can also be increased simply by driving vehicles without hitting anything. Driving head-on through oncoming traffic going the opposite way, without hitting any cars raises this as well.

Lung Capacity

How long the player's character can hold their breath underwater before losing health. Remain submerged for longer. Increase this skill by diving and swimming underwater, and practicing yoga. Every minute spent swimming underwater the Lung Capacity skill will raise by 1%. Unranked, a character can hold their breath roughly 15 seconds before taking damage. Every 20% milestone grants 5 extra seconds the character can hold their breath for. Using Scuba Suit while underwater will also contribute to increasing the skill.

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