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Sinowav FM is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that plays traditional Chinese music.


All songs on the station were released by record company CRC Jianian Inc. The name is a play on Sine Wave and "Sino", a prefix used to refer to things relating to China. It is only available on the PSP, iOS & Android version of the game.

This is one of the favorite stations of the Triads and the favorite radio station of the Midtown Gangsters.


Song: Preview:
"Caravan Bells on the Silk Road" by Ren Tongxiang (1993) Not Available in the US
"Flying Carp" by He Xunyou (2001)
"A Trip To Lhasa - Movement 4: Driving Out Demons" by Central Traditional Orchestra (2002) Central Traditional Orchestra version not available on Spotify
"Battling Against Typhoon" by Wang Changyuan (2000)
"Guangling Strains" by Wang Changyuan (2004)
"Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water" by Wang Changyuan (2002)
"Oriole Singing" by China Central Folk Music Orchestra (2001)
""Autumn Reflections by the Dongting Lake" by Zhu Runfu (1998)



  • The song "Caravan Bells on the Silk Road" is mislabelled in-game. The song used is "A Hundred Birds Paying Tribute to the Phoenix".