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Toni attempting to kill Paulie Sindacco.

The Sindacco-Leone Family War was a long and bloody war that was fought in the game Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories between the Sindacco Family and the Leone Family. Most of the war was fought in Portland Island, Liberty City. Key figures in the war were Toni Cipriani and Joseph Daniel O'Toole.

Tension Between The Families

Joseph Daniel O'Toole, who is the manager of a club owned by the Sindacco Family, recently has been upset at the fact the family has still not had him 'made' because of a little Irish blood in him. After this O'Toole begins working for the Leone Family in the hopes of being 'made' and helping the Leone Family expand territory. Tension started rising between the families shortly after Toni got back. While working for Vincenzo Cilli during the mission Slacker Toni was to deliver a drug dealer to Chinatown but the dealer claims the Sindacco Family now deals their on Leone turf and would kill him. Later the Sindaccos whack the dealer so on orders of Vincenzo Toni heads to Chinatown to whack the Sindacco dealers. Sometime later, Toni Cipriani a Leone Family associate at the time kills some Sindacco soldiers at a construction site on orders of O'Toole so he could make a film.

All Out War

The Sindacco Family retaliates against the Leones, by hitting a gambling house ( A Volatile Situation) in Saint Mark's Leone Family turf. Tony along with other Leone Family soldiers defend the gambling house as waves of Sindaccos pour in trying to blow up the Leone gambling house. Finally the Sindaccos rig a dust cart which Toni safely escorts away from the gambling house before it detonates. After that nasty attack in Saint Mark's, the Leone Family hits The 'Dolls' House a Sindacco Family brothel. Toni gets a Sindacco gang car and rigs it with a bomb. Then drives to the Red Light District to drop off the package. He parks in the garage of the The 'Dolls' House then puts some distance between himself and the brothel before remote detonating the bomb destroying the Sindaccos business interest. As the war intensifies the Sindacco Family kidnaps Don Salvatore Leone. Toni manages to kill the Sindacco members and safely escort the Don. Don Salvatore and some of his families soldiers launch an all-out premptive strike (The Guns of Leone) against the Sindacco Family controlled Paulie's Revue Bar. Toni Cipriani provides cover fire with a sniper rifle from across the street while the Don and his soldiers war it out in the streets with rival Sindacco gangsters. Toni kills several Sindacco's before Salvatore and his men take over the bar and the Red Light District for the Leone Family chasing the Sindacco Family out of Portland and into Forelli Family turf.

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