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I tell you what, my boy, you tell me exactly what you want, and I will very carefully explain to you why it cannot be.
— Simeon Yetarian to Franklin Clinton in Repossession.

Simeon Yetarian (Armenian: Սիմեոն Եթարյան) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto V and a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online.



Simeon is an automotive dealer of Armenian heritage. His car dealership business, however, is crooked. He sells cars to people who cannot afford them and then repossesses them via shady finance schemes and other unorthodox methods.

In the liberal atmosphere of Los Santos, he has learned to use his ethnicity to his advantage and accuse anyone who gives him any sort of bother of being racist.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online in 2013

The modifications on the car, they are a present. A gift from me to you. And like all gifts, they are freely given... Although, you are now forever in my debt. Bearing that in mind at all times. Perhaps I will text you with the occasional favor to me.
— Simeon Yetarian to the GTA Online Protagonist.

Simeon makes an appearance at the beginning of the events of Grand Theft Auto Online in 2013, and gives the GTA Online Protagonist a few repossession jobs to do as he considers them to be in his debt after giving them free upgrades to their car at Los Santos Customs. The player can get messages about vehicle thefts to order on Free Mode.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

At some point in 2013, Simeon has employed Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis as repo men (his only employees alongside his unseen nephew, Sacha and his two security guards). He is first seen making a sale to Jimmy De Santa. After naming Franklin "Employee of the Month", he sends Franklin and Lamar into Vagos-controlled territory to repossess a motorbike. After a shootout with Vagos gang members, Lamar decides to keep the bike. Simeon subsequently accuses Franklin of having stolen it, and orders him to repo the yellow SUV that had been sold to Jimmy.

Although Franklin recovers the SUV, Michael De Santa, who saw him coming and hid in the back seat, ambushes him and holds him at gunpoint. Michael informs Franklin that Jimmy couldn't have problems yet since he only just got the car and accuses Simeon of running credit fraud. He forces Franklin to drive the SUV through the window of Simeon's dealership at gunpoint; Michael reimburses Franklin and assaults Simeon. Following this, Simeon fires both Franklin and Lamar.

Simeon will appear one last time in the storyline, during his own random event, Simeon Yetarian. The random encounter will happen if either Michael or Franklin enter his shop in the time between "Friend Request" and "Mr. Philips". If either of them do this, they will be treated as hostiles and two men will try to execute them, prompting Michael/Franklin to kill the guards in order to survive. Simeon can be killed during this event. After setting his guards on either Franklin or Michael, he will either run out of the shop or cower and hide in his office, where he can be confronted and killed or let go, though he still posts Bleeter and Lifeinvader messages until the end of the main storyline, which means that the canon choice is to spare him. This random encounter will be his final physical appearance in the storyline.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

After Hours

In 2018, Simeon appears during a Business Battle, cowering within the office after the player breaks entry, although the room doesn't have to be visited. A grey Ellie is stolen by the protagonist. This also confirms that his "optional death" in Grand Theft Auto V was not canon.

Arena War

In 2019, Simeon has new jobs for the GTA Online Protagonist in April/May 2019, and tells them that he will be the new employee of the month, and later, when the protagonist delivers multiple vehicles to him with the use of a Cargobob, that they are employee of the year.

The Contract

Simeon is referenced by Lamar Davis while he and Franklin are smoking in the Record A Studios's smoking room and Lamar asks Franklin if he'd spoken with Simeon recently. Franklin angrily denies this and asks Lamar why he was bothering himself with Simeon, before exclaiming: "Fuck Simeon!" This suggests that Franklin has come to view Simeon as a lowlife crook based on their previous relationship.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online

After Hours

Arena War

"Premium Deluxe Repo Work" contact missions:

Services (GTA Online)

Service GTA Online Description In-Game Effect Cost Level Requirement
Request Job Request an invite to a previously completed Job. After a few seconds, you will be sent an invite to a random job you have completed for Simeon previously. $0 0



  • According to the Rush Casting Call, Simeon's beta name was Harut Vartanyan.
  • Upon investigating Simeon's office during the Random Event, it can be seen that Simeon replaced Franklin's Employee of the Month plaque with a plaque dedicated to himself. This can also be seen in Complications.
  • It is very likely that Simeon has connections to the Armenian Mafia, especially since the Random Event involving him at his shop features two guards that are possibly Armenian mobsters and match character models found at Rogers Salvage and Scrap.
  • His favorite radio station appears to be The Lowdown 91.1 as it is heard playing in his shop.
  • Sometimes after completing the mission Friend Request, the Premium Deluxe Motorsport will be open, but Simeon will not be there to start his Random Event. If this happens, complete one more mission and go back there and the random event should be triggered.
  • Simeon once went on a date with a woman named Barbara Watkins, and though he enjoyed it, Barbara presumably did not, as she sends him a message on Lifeinvader telling him to stop texting her, and that she never wants to see him again.
  • Simeon is evidently chauvinistic, as shown in GTA Online where, if the player character is female, he will say that "liberation has done much for her gender" while claiming she is the daughter he never wanted.
  • When using Quick GPS to navigate to a Simeon mission as Franklin, the waypoint will be referred to as "Armenian."


  1. Picture of Simeon with Stricker found at his compound in Cayo Perico.