Simeon Car Export Requests are a feature in Grand Theft Auto Online unlocked after reaching Rank 10.

Description - Normal Export Lists

Every 24 hours (real-time) Simeon may send SMS messages requesting that the player find and deliver one of a list of cars to his garage in the Terminal.

"Check your phone for details of vehicles required at the Import/Export Garage"
―On screen message

Each SMS message lists five models that may be used to fulfill the request. All vehicles will be ones normally sellable at Los Santos Customs. However, exporting these "steal to order" vehicles at the dock will result in a premium payment over and above the normal sale price of these cars.

SMS List combinations (highest value to lowest)
1 F620 Patriot Landstalker FQ 2 Penumbra
2 F620 Landstalker FQ 2 Prairie Penumbra
3 Schafter Jackal Sentinel XS Surge Dominator
4 Serrano Patriot Habanero Fusilade Gresley
5 Jackal Landstalker Tailgater Surge Penumbra
6 Patriot FQ 2 Habanero Fusilade Gresley
7 Fusilade Gresley Buccaneer Daemon Bagger
8 Gresley Buccaneer BeeJay XL Daemon Bagger

The text list is personalized to each player in the Free Mode lobby so another player stealing a car on the players list will not trigger the subsequent steps of the job unless they have the vehicle on their own list. It is also possible multiple players will have different lists concurrently.

Most of the vehicles will be able to be found driving around in traffic but a few of the less common (e.g. the Tailgater and Bagger) will be more commonly found parked in one of the specific spawn points used by the High Priority Vehicle job described below. The player can not use a Personal Vehicle (i.e. one fitted with a tracker) to fulfill a Simeon order, however a Simeon requested vehicle can be kept as a Personal Vehicle by taking it into the player's own garage instead of delivering it. Prior to title updates adding some of rarely spawning vehicles to the websites for purchase, Simeon's list was the only method to obtain vehicles like the Tailgater as a Personal Vehicle.

Once a car is located to fulfill the request, the player will receive two wanted stars and will need to lose them.

"Simeon wants this vehicle but he will not accept delivery if you have a Wanted Level."
― On screen message

After the wanted level has been lost, the player is instructed to respray the car.

"This vehicle is wanted by Simeon. Get it resprayed and deliver it to him at the docks for cash."
― On screen message

Players only need to respray the primary color. There is no need to respray a secondary color if the vehicle has that option. Modifying parts or performance of the vehicle at LSC will not result in an increased payout over the amount spent and will normally result in a net loss. As respraying is entirely on the player's dime, expensive paint will not return more than the cheapest paint, so players should spend no more than $800 (excluding any initial repair costs). The value does not increase if the stolen vehicle was pre-modified (e.g. if the player delivered a The Families, Vagos or Ballas Buccaneer or a pre-modified Sentinel XS) when that model is requested. Any damage will have to be repaired but will be reimbursed to the player on delivery.

The absolute cheapest colors are Classic Dark Steel, Rolled Steel, Creek Brown, Bleached Brown, and Cream.

Once resprayed, the player can take the vehicle to Simeon's garage, which will be marked with an Simeon-IconWhite-GTAOnline on the map and be available as a location on the player's GPS. 

"This vehicle is ready for Simeon. Deliver it to Simeon-IconWhite-GTAOnline for cash"
― On screen message

A successful delivery is rewarded by cash dependent on the model and condition of the vehicle, although payouts can vary. If additional (co-operative) players are in the vehicle when it is delivered, the payout will be split evenly between all occupants.

Delivering a damaged vehicle to the garage will result in disparaging remarks from the unseen NPC receiving the vehicle.

As the delivery of a single car to the garage will complete the job, it is not possible to deliver more than one vehicle from each list. Moments after exiting the garage, the player is paid in cash and will receive a thank-you SMS message from Simeon.

"Good work on that last delivery my friend, when I have more orders I will let you know."

Simeon-HPVIcon-GTAOnline Description - High Priority Requests

This article or section refers to content that is no longer available in
the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC "Enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto Online

During Free Mode sessions, occasionally all players will be advised that there is a special "High Priority" vehicle wanted at the import/export dock.

"Simeon wants a specific vehicle delivered. Get it resprayed and deliver it to him at the docks for cash."
―On screen message

The vehicle will be one from the same list of possible import/export vehicles above. This vehicle will be parked in one of 10 specific spawn spots:

The spot will be marked on every player's map with a green vehicle shaped icon and will be able to be selected on the player's GPS.

The process of retrieval, police evasion, respray and delivery of the High Priority Vehicle follows exactly the same as the normal export vehicles.

However, whenever any player enters the vehicle, every other online player in the session will receive a notification message advising them that the player has taken the High Priority Export vehicle. The green icon continues to display on every players' map until it is successfully delivered. As a result, every player is able to compete for the delivery of the vehicle to the Simeon-IconWhite-GTAOnline garage.

A High Priority vehicle attracts a higher premium than if it were found on the normal export list, which in turn commands a higher premium than the price offered at Los Santos Customs.

Unlike the normal export list vehicles, the High Priority Export vehicles are unable to be kept by the player as a personal vehicle.

High Priority Vehicles are commonly destroyed in Free Mode sessions, both through normal competition and through trolling (players deliberately destroying the vehicle to prevent other players from delivering it without intending to make any attempt to deliver it themselves).

High Priority Vehicle events are no longer available in the Enhanced Version after the Freemode Events Update.

Cars Requested

GTA Online Vehicle Export List with expected range of cash rewards

Normal LSC

Sale Value

10% of Retail

SMS List

Value Range*

15% of Retail

High Priority

Value Range*

20% of Retail

Bagger $1,600 $2,400 $3,100
Daemon $2,000 $3,420 $3,954
Penumbra $2,400 $3,654 $4,749 - $4,803
Prairie $2,500 $4,249 $5,324
BeeJay XL $2,700 $4,300 $5,320
Buccaneer $2,800 $4,539 $5,524
Gresley $2,900 $4,845 $5,724 - $5,768
Dominator $3,500 $5,250 $6,899
Fusilade $3,600 $5,720 $7,078 - $7,274
Surge $3,800 $6,110 $7,470
Habanero $4,200 $6,730 $8,253 - $8,303
FQ 2 $5,000 $7,500 $9,749 - $10,094
Patriot $5,000 $7,500 $9,820 - $10,074
Tailgater $5,500 $8,600 - $8,745 $11,013 -$11,018
Landstalker $5,800 $8,800 - $9,195 $11,374 - $11,778
Sentinel XS $6,000 $9,070 $11,770
Jackal $6,000 $9,350 $11,778 - $12,024
Serrano $6,000 $9,254 $11,770
Schafter $6,500 $9,804 $12,795
F620 $8,000 $12,000 $15,940 - $16,074

*With $780 Paintjob



  • Prior to patch 1.10(?) a bug existed whereby exiting an owned garage with a Personal Vehicle that was a model on the player's current Simeon text list would result in 2 wanted stars, despite Simeon always refusing to accept Personal Vehicles.
  • In the Enhanced version after the Freemode Events Update, it is possible to have an active list without receiving Simeon's text message. Stealing a list car will generate a two star wanted level without any on-screen prompts. Respraying the car will generate the Simeon-IconWhite-GTAOnline target location icon, but the player will still not receive any prompts. Delivering the vehicle rewards the player normally, and Simeon's request message will appear shortly afterwards, but will not be able to be completed again in that Free Mode session.
  • Much like when delivering vehicle cargo for the Import Export business, traffic AI has higher chance to behave erratically if the player is driving a Simeon requested vehicle, particularly after respraying and in transit to the Terminal garage. Evidence would indicate that this is scripted by design to increase difficulty, rather than being a bug.

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