The unnamed Sicilian Mafia is a Cosa Nostra family that serves as the main group of antagonists in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In 1998, under the leadership of Salvatore Leone's unnamed elderly uncle, the Sicilians sparked several wars between rival families in Liberty City in the hope of controlling the city once the previous families had destroyed each other.

Their plan was foiled, however, when Salvatore Leone and Toni Cipriani were able to hold their own against all of the other criminal organizations in the city. To retaliate, the Sicilians attempted to intimidate the mayor into convicting Leone on racketeering charges. This strategy was never fully executed due to the fact that Cipriani, under orders from Salvatore, killed Massimo Torini. After this, Salvatore's uncle acknowledged defeat and the Sicilian Mafia left Liberty City. Their gang car appears to be silver/white Stingers and they dress in blue classic mobster outfits. They are a very powerful organization, with many members. The Sicilian Mafia members cannot be found on streets outside the missions.

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