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Shotguns are a class of two-handed weapons characterized by their large profiles and usually intended for close ranges.

Shotguns work differently to other firearms, as they do not have a predefined path and instead, they will be unpredictable (since a shotgun is generally a smoothbore firearm, which means that the inside of the barrel is not rifled). The advantage of the shotgun, however, is that they can hit multiple targets at close quarters. Usually, shotguns are fed with Shotgun shells, which contains various spherical pellets, creating the effect of dispersion in every shot.

Most shotguns are Pump-action/slide-action firearms, which are characterized by the pump handle/forend and the sound they make after each shot, as they eject the spent shell and chamber a new one in the barrel. They also hold the shells inside a magazine tube.

List of weapons

Image Name Description First Appearance
Pump Shotgun The Pump Shotgun is the basic shotgun featured in the series, being a versatile weapon of choice for criminals and law enforcement. Grand Theft Auto 2
Pump Shotgun Mk II The Pump Shotgun Mk II is an upgraded version of the Pump Shotgun, being a bit more powerful. It can be also modified to fire a single explosive slug. Grand Theft Auto Online (The Doomsday Heist)
Bullpup Shotgun The Bullpup Shotgun is a weapon that works similarly to the Pump Shotgun, but allows for usage of attachments. While it is weaker than the aforementioned weapon, it has a greater capacity of 14 shells. Grand Theft Auto V (Special/Collector's Edition)
Sawed-Off Shotgun The Sawed-Off Shotgun is a weapon that is characterized by its versatility, due to the fact that, in GTA San Andreas, it can be used while running and can be also dual-wielded, while in the HD Universe, it can be used while riding Motorcycles. It has shorter range, but makes up for its high damage. The GTA San Andreas and TLAD renditions have a capacity of two shells, while the GTA V rendition has eight shells, similar to the Pump Shotgun. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Stubby Shotgun The Stubby Shotgun is a shorter counterpart of the pump shotgun that has poor range, but compensates by its extremely powerful damage, able to take down most targets. It also has a tighter spread. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Double Barrel Shotgun The Double Barrel Shotgun is a shotgun with a capacity of two rounds that are very powerful, but as expected, it has shorter range. TheGrand Theft Auto Online rendition is limited to fire in "burst". Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Combat Shotgun The Combat Shotgun is a weapon that is characterized by its faster operation than most pump-action shotguns. The 3D Universe rendition has a capacity of seven shells and fires in fully-automatic, while the Grand Theft Auto IV rendition has a capacity of 10 shells and fires in semi-automatic. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Assault Shotgun The Assault Shotgun is a shotgun that has fully-automatic capabilities, able to fire several shells in a quick succession. It holds eight shells, with the GTA V version able to equip a 32-round drum magazine. The Lost and Damned
Automatic Shotgun The Automatic Shotgun is a weapon that has a fully-automatic capability, although it is slower than most automatic firearms. It is characterized by its feature of carrying either standard buckshot shells or explosive slugs, both available in a 20-round drum magazine. The Ballad of Gay Tony
Sweeper Shotgun The Sweeper Shotgun appears as an equivalent of the Assault Shotgun from TLAD, but smaller and able to wield it as a drive-by weapon. It holds 10 shells. Grand Theft Auto Online (Bikers)
Heavy Shotgun The Heavy Shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun that is distinguished by using slugs instead of pellets, making it a good weapon for medium ranges and is also devastatting against vehicles. It comes with a 6-round detachable magazine, although it can be changed with a 12-round mag (or a 30-round drum mag in GTA Online). Grand Theft Auto V (Last Team Standing Update)
Musket The Musket is a single-shot firearm that is able to deal great damage. Although it is classified as a shotgun, it works largely similar to a sniper rifle, as it fires a single lead ball that has over-penetration capabilities, meaning it can take out more than a single target, similar to sniper rifles. Grand Theft Auto V (Independence Day Special)


Grand Theft Auto V & Online

  • Most shotguns feature a shell model with the markings "12 GA" (12 gauge), as well as a logo that bears resemblance to the Winchester Super-X logo. There is also an alternative, slightly more detailed version used for the spent shell model, which feature markings at the section around the prime reading "Chester Super-X".
    • Interestingly, the "Super" text on the X logo was replaced by a different one that reads "FU-QU", which sounds similar to the phrase "Fuck you".

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