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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

It’s been quite some time since Franklin Clinton and his notorious accomplices knocked over the biggest targets in Southern San Andreas. Since then, Franklin’s put down roots in Los Santos — getting married, starting a family, and even wearing a suit to work. Meanwhile, Lamar just got high. But now it’s LD’s time to come up, and he’s laying the groundwork for a legit, above-board business of his own, if he can just pull it together...
— Short Trips description

Short Trips is a series of three missions available in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update.


2 players are required for each of these missions.

On first playthrough, the first tip is initiated by Franklin Clinton passing on an invitation from Dr. Dre to undertake a tour of Record A Studios. Players can invite an associate to join them as they enter the studio. After meeting Franklin and Lamar Davis inside, they take a short tour led by DJ Pooh. The players find the smoking room and sit down to smoke LD Organics weed, and are joined by Pooh, Franklin, and Lamar.

They then pass out and the player and their associate have an "out-of-body experience[1]", where the host will control Franklin and the second player will control Lamar.

The second and third trip and subsequent trip replays are initiated by the host entering the studio, using the green Corona outside the smoking room, and then smoking the Special Strain.

In all missions, the players will not have access to their own weapons on the weapon wheel nor any of their armor, instead having a pre-defined weapon and ammo load-outs, but they will have access to their character's inventory of snacks via the Interaction Menu.

These missions initially became available to leaders after completing the The Contract: Dr. Dre, however with effect from the Valentine's Day 2022 event week[2] all players could access the missions immediately from the Pause Menu>Online>Play Job>Rockstar Created>Missions or Quick Job from their Mobile Phone, and they do not need to be completed sequentially. The Game description in the pause menu indicated the Rank requirement was 9999, however this is a display issue only, and all players from Rank 1 can launch the jobs.

To change the difficulty from the default setting of "Normal" to "Hard" players must first complete the mission concerned without any failure and they will then be able to change it via the Interaction Menu in the Smoking Room when replaying it. Restarting the game will reset the difficulty back to "Normal".


Short Trip - Seed Capital

Lamar pulls Franklin out to deal with some business and ask DJ Pooh to look after his partners for them. Franklin and Lamar travel to LD Organics to restock from his weed supply. When they reach the warehouse, Lamar discovers that it was being raided by the Vagos. After fighting off the gang members outside and inside, they leave to find Lamar's Mule loaded with stock is being taken and fight to get the truck back.

Short Trip - Fire It Up

Lamar asks for Franklin's assistance in storming the Vagos' weed storage facilities in Blaine County and destroying their marijuana plants as payback for them having destroyed his stash and the Mule.

Short Trip - OG Kush

Main article: Short Trip - OG Kush

Lamar starts by showing Franklin his new LD Organics van which he explains is made of "LD Organics patented marijuana bioplastic", and tells Franklin that he was able to make a connection with a celebrity (Jimmy Boston from the Epsilon Program) to promote LD Organics as having a celebrity would definitely make the brand into a big thing and they travel to the Redwood Lights Track to make the deal. The Vagos storm the deal due to Lamar publicising the "top-secret location" on Snapmatic. After fighting off the Vagos, the pair drive the increasingly damaged weed-van back to the city and end up at Tequi-la-la.




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  • Sometimes, after completing a Short Trip mission, the player might retain the Franklin/Lamar model when they return to Freeroam. Dying in this state will turn the player invisible when they respawn.
  • After completing a Short Trip mission, a customized radio wheel may be scrambled with stations excluded or added back in, to no stations showing up at all. Within the session, the solution is to go Inventory > Radio Station Favorites and reconfirm each choice, which will reset each station. Changing sessions will also reset the radio wheel to normal.
  • The two phone calls required to access Short Trips (one being a thanking call from Dr. Dre and the other being the invitation to the mission itself from Franklin) might only be received a significant amount of time after completing the Dr. Dre contract. The delay between the completion and those calls vary from player to player; some may receive it shortly after while some others might have to wait multiple in-game days to receive one.
    • Due to this, it is recommended to do the first Short Trip mission as soon as it becomes available. Leaving Grand Theft Auto Online will reset the mission marker and require the player to wait for the second phone call all over again.
    • This issue was likely the reason the missions were unlocked on February 10th 2022 for all players via the Pause Menu and Quick Job.


  1. Official Social Media description of the missions

  2. 2X GTA$ and RP on Short Trips
    Short Trips are now available for all players to experience via the Jobs menu, removing the previous requirement to complete Dr. Dre’s VIP Contract.
    You can also jump straight into these out-of-body misadventures by using the Quick Job feature on your iFruit. Tag team your way through setting up the most exclusive organics business in Los Santos and earn 2X GTA$ & RP for the privilege.