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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Short Trip - Seed Capital is the first Short Trip mission available in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update.


After dealing with Dr. Dre's VIP Contract, DJ Pooh invites the GTA Online Protagonist (and an associate), Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis for a tour inside Dr. Dre's recording studios. Lamar attempts to make his own rap with a beat DJ Pooh provides him, then the four of them take a smoke in the lounge. Before Franklin is about to smoke, Lamar refers to Tanisha getting annoyed if he gets high. When Franklin and Lamar checks out on their partners however, they become so high that they are "experiencing an out-of-body experience".

Lamar then pulls Franklin out to deal with some business and they ask DJ Pooh to look after his partners for them. Franklin and Lamar travel with Chop in Lamar's green Emperor to LD Organics to restock his weed supply. When they reach the warehouse, Lamar realizes that the warehouse is being raided by the Vagos and both fight the gang. Franklin is armed with a Pistol and Lamar has a Combat Pistol. Both players are able to pick up Micro SMGs dropped by the Vagos. Chop bites the last Vago outside and leads the two to enter the warehouse where a few more Vagos are encountered.

They go outside to check on Lamar's delivery Mule as it's loaded with half of his current stock, only just in time to see it being driven off but as it was following the stop signs and traffic lights, they're able to catch up to it on foot. At Lamar's suggestion, they climb in the back of the truck with the Vagos Driver being none the wiser. However, both of them start bickering, alerting the driver to their presence and he calls in a Vagos hit squad to shoot at them as it travels north. Realizing they've been discovered, the pair throw open the back doors and fire back with automatic weapons that Lamar had kept stashed in the truck until they reached an alleyway behind Blarneys World of Awesome in Downtown Vinewood.

More Vagos are encountered here, but the players are now armed with Assault Rifles and submachine guns along with their pistols, and after the Vagos are defeated, the driver, who had climbed up to the rooftops, is killed and the players take back the keys to the truck. They return to the truck: Franklin is concerned with the truck's condition as the engine is smoking, but Lamar believes it should be fine and insists on sharing a free blunt with Franklin before he needs to get home. Just then, Franklin's concern is validated when the truck violently explodes due to the gunfire it has sustained along the way, right in front of them. As Franklin gives his condolences and simply notes they'll have to smoke some other day, Lamar, furious with the loss of his stock, walks off with Franklin to end the mission.




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Bugs and Glitches

  • After completing the mission, when female protagonists respawn in Free Roam they may have a male face with beard. The only way to rectify this is to quit out of Online and re-join, or find a new session. If the player's co-op partner is a male protagonist, that character experiences no alterations (replicated multiple times on PS4).