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Short Trip - OG Kush is the third and final Short Trip mission in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update.


Two players partake of another LD Organics high in the smoking room in Record A Studios to start their third out-of-body experience as Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis.

Lamar starts by showing Franklin his new LD Organics delivery van, of which the bodywork appears to be made of pressed plant material. He explains that it is entirely made of "LD Organics patented marijuana bioplastic" and unlike his destroyed Mule, will be empty if someone attempts to break into it to steal his stock, as the weed is the van. Franklin questions Lamar how he's planning to put it in a blunt if it's a part of the van itself, to which Lamar tells him not to worry about it. He was able to make a connection with a celebrity investor for LD Organics and cajoles Franklin to come with him to the meeting at the Redwood Lights Track in Blaine County because he's the only person Lamar can really trust with this.

As Lamar drives, he explains that he wants Franklin to oversee the deal from high above in a nearby construction crane to back him up, just in case. He reveals the celebrity to be "America's lifeguard", Jimmy Boston, and believes that his celebrity endorsement would definitely make the LD Organics brand into a big thing, but Franklin also points out that Jimmy is also a prominent member of the Epsilon Program. Franklin warns Lamar of the risks of dealing with such famous people and tells him to be careful of "them Kifflom freaks" but Lamar downplays it. As they are about to reach the construction site, to Franklins' incredulity, Lamar reveals that for self-promotion he posted a selfie of himself at the meeting point as his "top-secret location" on Snapmatic.

When they reach the meeting point and a grumbling Franklin climbs the crane and pulls out a scoped Heavy Sniper rifle, Lamar meets up with Jimmy and his assistant, Marnie Allen. They show Lamar a photoshopped concept image of the van on a tablet: instead of just endorsing LD Organics, Jimmy wants to promote Lamar's weed as "Boston Bakes" with Jimmy's face on it instead, to effectively be Jimmy's own brand of weed, however, Lamar is annoyed at seeing this as he obviously wanted to spread his own brand name. Lamar argues that it's his brand as without his product there's nothing to promote, but Jimmy is certain that without his name recognition, Lamar's business is "dead in the water". Listening in through Lamar's headset, Franklin calls Lamar aside and warns him not to go through with this deal as the Vinewood elite always try to take away all the recognition. He either accepts Jimmy's money and "Boston Bakes" or tells him where to shove it and keep his own brand name; he can't have it both ways.

At this point, Franklin suddenly notices a pair of Primo Customs coming towards them, identifying the occupants through the scope as Vagos and warns him about it. Lamar immediately tells Jimmy and Marnie to flee while Franklin and Lamar clear the area of incoming Vagos. On wondering how the gang found them again, Franklin irritably realizes that Lamar must have unwittingly tagged his location in the "top-secret location" selfie and calls him an idiot. When Franklin notes Jimmy and Marnie getting away safely in the car they came in, Lamar now agrees with him that it was a bad deal and that he refuses to rebrand. Once the area is cleared, Lamar gets Franklin back into his van and starts driving back to LD Organics. Franklin questions if they're going to talk about what just happened, but Lamar defends that the Snapmatic selfie was him simply trying to get the word out for his business and that he's learned now how celebs are selfish, and that an illegal business doesn't just turn legal overnight.

Along the way they encounter the rest of the Vagos, while the van starts burning, causing both of them to get high while driving. Initially, they assume that the smell is coming from someone smoking nearby and that the entire city has the smell, but Franklin then realises that it's the van's bodywork on fire. They manage to fight off the Vagos while initially trying to get back to Lamar's warehouse, however, it becomes clear to Lamar that the van won't make it that far.

Lamar, seeing an opportunity, decides to drive the van down Eclipse Boulevard and park beside Tequi-la-la, where the billboards for ROSALÍA are concentrated at and let the van continue burning, salvaging the situation as a publicity stunt and let the resulting crowds experience for themselves how great his product is. However, as Lamar is high at the wheel, he can't stop the van in time and ends up crashing it against the corner wall of the club. As people start coming out to see what the noise was and Franklin checks that Lamar is okay, they start feeling the effects of the burning weed and the gathering crowd starts enjoying it. At one onlooker's question of what the van is made of, Lamar introduces the LD Organics brand and starts recommending people pick some up from the city's dispensaries, but then instead invites the crowd to enjoy the high from his burning van for free. A lot of people start taking pictures and cheering for LD Organics. Lamar then celebrates with Franklin as they both promote LD Organics.

Franklin then mentions that he needs to get home to Tanisha for a family activity, and after a short banter with Lamar offering Franklin an "internship" at LD Organics should he ever need it, Franklin walks away down the street in style as a firetruck and ambulance arrive on the scene, ending the mission.




Video Walkthrough


After surviving the assault at the track, Franklin tells Lamar that he had better drive over near the crane and pick him up in the van and Lamar agrees to do so, but the Lamar player is unable to move the van until the Franklin player gets into it.