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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Short Trip - Fire It Up is the second Short Trip mission available in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update.


The GTA Online Protagonist returns to Record A Studios with an associate, ending up in an out-of-body experience again and Lamar Davis tells Franklin Clinton that if they came back for a second time, then it wasn't a mistake and was rather a choice to have got so high.

Lamar asks for Franklin's assistance in storming the Vagos' weed storage facilities in Blaine County and destroying them as payback for them having destroyed his stash and Mule. Franklin questions why they don't just let the police handle it as LD Organics is a legal business that got robbed, but Lamar accuses him of acting like a snitch and that they never used to depend on the cops for such things. Lamar is determined to take back the cannabis scene from corruption and gangsters, comparing himself to Impotent Rage.

They race each other to the first facility, Franklin on his Bagger and Lamar in his Emperor, which has now been upgraded by Benny's Original Motor Works. On the way, they make multiple references to the missions Franklin and Lamar and Repossession from Grand Theft Auto V, with Lamar warning Franklin not to use his Special Ability (though he incapable of using it in these missions). Franklin denies having any such ability (nor that he makes a weird face like he's attempting to go to the bathroom as Lamar claims).

On reaching the destination, a different cutscene plays out depending on who wins the race.

They reach the Vagos' first weed warehouse on Meringue Lane in Sandy Shores and fight off the Vagos. It is possible to do this either stealthily without being seen, or aggressively, in which case the Vagos will start shooting back. If seen, the Vagos inside the warehouse are alerted when they enter, otherwise, they can also be taken down stealthily. After defeating them, they pick up Fertilizer Cans that they pour over the weed and set on fire to burn it all down and exit the first warehouse. Lamar bemoans the destruction of the plants, even if they are substandard.

If done stealthily, it is only now that Vagos realize that they're under attack, and two gangsters guarding a nearby Technical start shooting. If done aggressively, more Vagos arrive on the scene using the Technical instead, and the two escape and can fight them off using the mounted .50 calibre gun on the Technical while being chased by Vagos in lowrider Manana Customs, Faction Customs, Buccaneer Custom, Sanchez motorcycles, and a Buzzard Attack Chopper.

They eventually reach the Vagos' second warehouse on Union Road near Chianski Passage where they repeat the process.

They then take the Vagos' Youga Classic that they find parked in the warehouse as it's still loaded with supplies that Lamar can use back at his business, and Lamar drives to Franklin's house to drop him off, again while fighting off Vagos along the way, now in Baller STs and Faction Customs. Back in the city, Lamar has Franklin admit that he had fun and gets a laugh out of him with a joke.

On arrival, a cutscene plays, where Franklin does not let Lamar inside his house because his kids are home this time, referencing the final cutscene of the "Franklin and Lamar" mission. Franklin sprays himself with a can of air freshener to mask the smell of the burning cannabis plants before going inside.




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  • Both missions reference the mission Franklin and Lamar.
    • Before the race begins, Lamar and Franklin say things like: "Hit me on the speaker phone. I'm MOOOOVIN!" with Franklin's answer being: "It's like that huh, homie?" These are references to dialogue in the original mission.
    • At the end of the mission, the same iconic cutscene plays of Lamar asking to come into Franklin's house, but the reasons are different. In 2013, Franklin said he will see Lamar at work, whereas in 2022, Franklin's reasoning is that there are kids inside.
    • Since this is GTA Online, where protagonist special abilities are not available, Lamar reminds Franklin not to use his special ability.
  • Among the conversations during the race, Lamar and Franklin will reminisce on the mission Repossession. The Bagger that Franklin stole is still in his possession.
  • Lamar later notices the Technical and asks Franklin where the Technical is that they used to escape the sawmill in the mission Lamar Down.
  • This mission is possibly a reference to the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mission Are You Going to San Fierro?. This is because the protagonists are destroying weed farms by burning them, and getting slightly high off the fumes.