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The Shoreside Vale Police Station is a Liberty City Police Department station in Liberty City.


Located in the district of Pike Creek in Shoreside Vale, Liberty City, the police station is the only one in the whole of Shoreside Vale, serving as the only respawn point for players who have been arrested within Shoreside Vale. it is frequently used as a holding facility for major criminals before they face trial. The main building itself is designed with an olden police precinct-like appearance, and is identical to the main building of the Portland police department. In addition, the station compound extends to the east, featuring a set of garages behind the main building.

As expected, a "Police" car spawns in front of the main building in both GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories. In addition, the station's garages in GTA III contains several weapon pickups (flamethrowers and molotovs) that can be retrieved in exchange for money, at the Pike Creek LCPD Compound complementing the city's two Ammu-Nation outlets and One-armed Bandit's. The station is otherwise unremarkable, having no accessible interior, however in GTA LCS in the mission The Shoreside Redemption a small interrogation room is shown in which Toni Cipriani meets Salvatore Leone while he was in prison. It is out of this precinct that he gives several of his final missions in the game to Toni. Salvatore is eventually cleared and released from the precinct's holding cells.

The police department is directly across the road from Hope Medical College, Shoreside Vale's only hospital. In 2001, during Grand Theft Auto III, the precinct still stands but it is inaccessible.

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