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Shoreside Vale is a borough in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It is the third and last island the player encounters in all the three 3D Universe games based in Liberty City.


Shoreside Vale is primarily residential, but also features the Francis International Airport to the south, a light commercial and industrial estate (Pike Creek) on the western edge, and the Cochrane Dam in the northwestern corner. Shoreside Vale is the only part of the city situated on the mainland and is considerably hillier than the other two boroughs, with a mountain range along the northern edge of the borough.

With steep elevation changes, a river dividing the main residential area from the industrial estate and the airport, and roads, bridges and tunnels criss-crossing each other at different elevations, Shoreside Vale is notoriously tricky to navigate. For this reason, Shoreside Vale is a very poor choice for the vehicle missions.

Shoreside Vale was internally named as the 'Suburban' area during development, and, according to beta maps, the southern part of Shoreside Vale was going to consist of roads and possibly more suburbs, until the airport was moved towards Shoreside Vale instead.

Neighborhoods, districts and areas

Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove is an upper-class residential neighborhood which takes its name directly from a New Jersey suburb. It is controlled by the Colombian Cartel, and is home to some of the more wealthy residents of Liberty City. It consists of lavish mansions with swimming pools and fast sports cars on the drive-ways. Donald Love's mansion (later taken over by Catalina and the Colombian Cartel) and one of Toni Cipriani's safehouses in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories also lie within this area.

The tunnel that leads from one side of Cedar Grove to the other seems to have another road that leads to another part of Liberty City. The tunnel is unavailable to the player in GTA III, but in GTA Liberty City Stories the player is allowed to use it to get to points around Cedar Grove. There seems to be another road that leads to a northern part of Shoreside Vale, but is blocked off and cannot be driven on. The sign above the road reads "upstate". Rockstar stated there was never meant to be anything on the other side of the tunnel, but was used to give the player a feeling that Liberty City was larger than just the areas the player could explore[1]. In GTA III the player can fly a Dodo around the "upstate" part of Liberty City and will only find more hills. It could possibly be outside Liberty City since the maps of Shoreside Vale show it is part of the mainland.

Francis International Airport

Francis International Airport is Liberty City's airport is situated on the southern half of Shoreside Vale, just off the main road coming into the area. Other features in this district include a long-term parking lot, a fire station, a subway station and a police car parked. There is a lot of airplanes and helicopters around the airport, however, none of them are accessible, with exception of the Dodo.

Pike Creek

Pike Creek is a light commercial and industrial district located in the western section of Shoreside Vale and is very similar to industrial areas on the outskirts of Newark, New Jersey. It is home to the offices of several businesses, including Punk Noodles, Turtle Head Fishing Co., AMCo. Petroleum Company, and Liberty Pharmaceuticals. Services include the local police station, the hospital, Pay 'n' Spray and 8-Ball's bomb shop. Pike Creek is Yakuza turf in 1998, but is occupied by no gang in 2001, the setting Grand Theft Auto III (although it does have Yakuza presence during one mission).

Wichita Gardens

Wichita Gardens is a low-wealth residential neighborhood, mainly composed of housing projects, like common neighborhoods in Newark, New Jersey, Paterson, and The Bronx in which it is mostly based on. It was formerly controlled by the Forelli Family, but it is now controlled by the Southside Hoods, thanks to Toni Cipriani's help. It is also home to one of Claude's safehouses.



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  • In Bully, another game made by Rockstar Games, there is an area called Old Bullworth Vale, which resembles the Cedar Grove area of Shoreside, both being high society areas where the rich citizens of both cities live.
  • In Liberty City Stories, the player can get a (very) limited preview of Shoreside Vale before unlocking it by taking the subway and getting off at the Francis airport station (the player can walk about the station, but the staircase outside is blocked). Using the cheat that allows vehicles to drive on water, it is possible to explore Shoreside Vale before it is unlocked. Similarly, at the cost of failing the mission, it is possible to enter Shoreside Vale during the "Shoot the Messenger" mission using the boat supplied for the mission (although this is only possible for a brief time before the mission fails on its own). However, in "Shoot the Messenger", if the player kills the driver of the tagretted boat with a sniper, while having their given boat, the player can explore Shoreside Vale without limit
  • In GTA Liberty City Stories, the map of Shoreside Vale isn't the same as in GTA III; a big portion of a mountain layer in the right part is missing and replaced by an empty space. Oddly, in gameplay, the mountains still exists in the same portion where the mountain layer is missing from the map.
  • There are no gun shops in Shoreside Vale during GTA III and Liberty City Stories.

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