Shoreside Terminal, also known as Airport Tube Station, is a subway station on the Liberty City Subway in Shoreside Vale, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It is located in a plaza next to Francis International Airport, just to the south of the Shoreside Lift Bridge.

A teleport glitch can be performed in the subway at Shoreside Terminal station. If the player exits the front-most door of the train, they will reappear on the roof of the tunnel in blue hell. Then the player can run on the tunnel (the player have to jump one of the first "electricity thing" on the ceiling, otherwise the player will fall of the roof). This is a good method to reach the whole Shoreside Vale, if the player not have unlocked it (if the player dies or gets busted, the player will be transported to the hospital/police station on the nearest island that the player have unlocked). If you want to reach Shoreside Vale, jump into Blue Hell. You will respawn on the ground of the island.

The station actually becomes accessible to the player after completing the mission Driving Mr. Leone in LCS and Sayonara Salvatore in III before Shoreside Vale is officially unlocked. However, a gate blocks the exit from the station (despite this, many pedestrians can be seen walking inside the station and on the other side of the gate).


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