Not to be confused with the Sherman Reservoir.
"The Dam that powers the West Coast. Las Venturas was built on the back of power from this dam. A national institution, with terrible security."
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Sherman Dam is located in Bone County, and physically separates the Sherman Reservoir from the remaining waterways in San Andreas. This enormous structure is based on Nevada's Hoover Dam, and provides nearby Las Venturas with hydroelectric power. It also regulates the height of the river. It is featured prominently in the mission Dam and Blast. The dam's generator room can be accessed by entering one of the buildings atop the dam itself, however, during the mission Dam and Blast, a completely different entrance is used.

Events of GTA San Andreas

After arriving in Las Venturas to meet with Wu Zi Mu at his new headquarters, Carl Johnson begins planning a heist of Caligula's Palace, located just up The Strip from Woozie's Four Dragons Casino. Caligula's is being taken over by the Leone Family, giving Carl the opportunity to gain the trust of Salvatore Leone and provide himself a cover for planning the heist.

As part of the preparations he makes, Carl sets off to plant remotely detonated explosive charges on the generators providing the city's power, which will allow his team to access Caligula's vault under the cover of darkness and the resulting confusion. In order to plant the explosives, Carl boards a Nevada waiting for him at Las Venturas Airport, flies out to the dam, and parachutes his way onto the dam quay, where he discreetly makes his way inside the complex. Once there, Carl sneaks past security guards and plant technicians in order to place the explosive charges. On his way out, Carl is trapped on the top of one of the dam's control towers, and is forced to perform a swan-dive into the dam's outlet channel to the south (often mislabeled as Sherman Reservoir) in order to evade capture.



  • Dinghy - At a dock near Las Brujas
  • Hotdog - In the parking lot near the memorial
  • Sea Sparrow - At the south end of the rocky outcropping on the southeast side of the dam (opposite the quay)
  • Skimmer - Next to Sea Sparrow




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