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Shawn Fonteno, also known as Solo or OG Solo (born April 8, 1968 in South Los Angeles, California), is an American rapper, voice actor, actor and recording artist.


Fonteno voiced an unnamed Grove Street Families member "Fam1" in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and later voiced and gave the acting performance of Franklin Clinton, one of the protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V and a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online. He is also the cousin of Young Maylay, the voice actor of Carl Johnson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He also starred in the two films; The Wash and 3 Strikes with DJ Pooh.

Fonteno released the book Game Changer on March 25, 2022. In it, he details his upbringing and goes in-depth on the development on Grand Theft Auto V.

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