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"Too slow, grandad!"
―Sharks' Leader

The Sharks' Leader, also known as Streetwannabe's Leader, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

He is the leader of the Sharks street gang. His appearance is different from other gang members; like the white members, he has a dragon patch on the back of his jacket and has a fuschia belt. The Sharks' leader's main weapon is the Ruger assault rifle, which he used in the missions The Chase and Phnom Penh '86.


At some point he joined the Sharks street gang and, by 1986, became the gang's leader. Nothing is known about his life before 1986, except that he is an associate of Ricardo Diaz.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

"You're on MY turf asshole! You're going down!"
―The Sharks' leader's last words, before being killed in a shootout by Tommy Vercetti
The leader stole 3% of profit he was making from working with Ricardo Diaz. In turn, Diaz sends Tommy Vercetti to find the leader and find out where he and his associates are hiding. As Tommy arrives at the leader's apartment, he gets spotted by him and a rooftop chase ensues, during which the leader tries shooting Tommy multiple times. Eventually the two get off the rooftops and the leader gets picked up by an associate of his in a BF Injection. Tommy continues chasing the leader through the streets of Vice City and follows the leader to his gang's hideout in the abandoned mansions previously owned by the Mendez Brothers on Prawn Island.

After finding out where the leader and his gang are hiding, Diaz tasks Vercetti and Lance Vance to initiate an air attack on the Sharks' hideout, which Diaz calls a "fortress on ground level". The duo raid the hideout by shooting all Sharks on sight with an M60 mounted on a Maverick. As the assault on his hideout goes on successfully, the leader climbs onto the roof of the east most mansion with a portion of the few men he had left and tries taking down Vercetti and Vance's helicopter, before being gunned down by Vercetti. Vercetti then climbs onto the mansion's roof himself and retrieves the money briefcase the Sharks' leader had on him when he got killed.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


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