Shaft Hot Dogs Logo

Shaft Hot Dogs is a fast-food restaurant featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The business primarily sold hotdogs and was active in Vice City in 1986. The only known location in the city can be found and is accessible at the North Point Mall in Vice Point. Like all restaurants in the game, it can be used to recover the player's health.

As recently as 1984 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories), the eastern food court locations of both Shaft Hot Dogs and neighboring Beef Bandit were occupied by King Knuts while the western food court locations of those restaurants were occupied by Decker's Dogs.


  • Its motto is "Shaft Hot Dogs: The Taste of a Real Man's Meat." A "shaft" is the skin of a penis (hence the term "shafting", which means to have sex with someone). This is one of many examples of Rockstar's adult humor.



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