Seville Boulevard Flats is a housing project located in the district of Playa del Seville, Los Santos, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The project is located just south of the Los Santos Forum and north of LB's Garage, in Seville Boulevard Families territory. It consists of four buildings, two on each side of a street. Each building has two levels, and there is a courtyard connecting the buildings on the upper level.

During the mission Sweet's Girl, Sweet Johnson visits his girlfriend at the flats, which is her residence. She is the only known resident of the complex. However, they are attacked by Seville Boulevard Families members, and CJ and Sweet must fend off the attackers. The flats do not appear in the storyline for the rest of the game.

LB may also reside in the flats, because his garage is just across the street.

Mission appearances

The Seville Boulevard Flats appear in the following missions:



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