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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Okay. So, you're ready to scope out the target. The classic first step. Head on over there. Like I said before, how we can approach this thing will depend on what we discover at this stage, so be as thorough or quick as you like. There's a lot of information you can gather, but it's not all equally important.
— Lester's briefing.

Casino Scoping is a setup mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update. It is a freeroam mission needed to progress The Diamond Casino Heist.


This mission is the first preparation needed for the Diamond Casino Heist. The various points of interest the player photographs will determine the choice of entry/exit points, as well as other possibilities later in the preparation stage of the heist.

The player is tasked with going to the casino, where they first need to photograph the main entrance and send the image to Lester. At this point, they can choose to send an image of the valet as well, which acts as an optional objective.

Once the image of the main entrance is sent to Lester, they need to enter the casino. Lester will tell them to send him images of a security guard, a keypad, and a security camera. The quickest way to do this is to photograph the guard standing next to the cashier booth, and the keypad located behind him. There are many bulb-shaped security cameras located on the ceiling of the main lobby. After all these images are sent to Lester, they are free to exit the casino.

The player can use the elevator near the entrance to go up to the roof terrace. If this is the first time they have done so, a cutscene plays and introduces Yung Ancestor.

After the cutscene, Lester remarks that Yung is clearly upset about the casino's services, and the celebrity should be crazy enough that he might be their ticket into the casino if Lester approaches him. This encounter unlocks the two optional Yung Ancestor missions, Dead Weight and After Party, which can be completed to have Yung help them with the heist.

Once outside, the player needs to take a photo of a rear security door. Two are situated on the ground floor; one on the east and one on the north side of the casino. There are two on the west side of the roof terrace, and another two on the part of the terrace overlooking the Vinewood Racetrack – older model security cameras are located here as well, an image of which can also be sent to Lester. Two additional entrances are located on the helipad. Once the player takes a photo of a ground level entry point, they are free to leave the area to end the mission, or they can continue looking for other points of interest.

There is a small tunnel next to the casino, under the racetrack. Here, the player can photograph the security tunnel entrance, which allows them to prepare for the Gruppe Sechs tactic of the Big Con approach. If the player enters the sewer tunnel, accessible from the Los Santos River, they will come across another possible access point, for the Aggressive approach.

If the player owns a Master Penthouse, they can access Agatha Baker's office, where they will find blueprints of the vault on her desk. Sending a photo of them to Lester allows the purchase of a vault door for $900,000, which allows the player to practise drilling through the vault.

Once the mission is completed, the player does not need to do it again for any subsequent heists. However, if the player wishes to take photos of additional points of interest, they can repeat the mission as many times as they would like, even multiple times per heist. Lester will not give any instructions in later attempts and will only acknowledge the fact they are doing it again by saying it is not a bad idea to scope it out once more.

Lester's Dialogue

Oh, and just so you know, our rich benefactor's covering the cost of this venture the first time through, if we were to hit it again, you'd need to put up the meager setup fee yourself, but she wants to make sure it's done right at least once.
— When driving to the Casino.
There it is, The Diamond. No more getting wrecked and losing money, it's time to look at it like professionals. Alrighty, grab a pic of the main door on your phone and send it my way.
— When the player is nearing the Casino.
I see it... okay, not too heavy on security, an obvious route in, especially if we go in hard. Head inside, let's see what else catches the eye.
— After sending an image of the main entrance.
Right, I need a few key things here, try to get a picture of a guard... security camera would be nice and... oh... get me a pic of a keypad.
— After entering the Casino.
You got what we need. Now, you can call it a day, or you can keep looking around to see if you can find anything else that might help us when it comes to the big day... up to you. When you're done, head outside.
— After sending images of the security features inside the Casino.
Okay, that was... interesting... as long as he's not kicked out, incarcerated or hospitalized, he might be our ticket backstage. He's got access and he might just be crazy enough to help. Let me look into it.
— After the optional Yung Ancestor cutscene.
Okay, you made it out. That's harder than it should be, those places are designed to trap you in and keep you spending. Now, I need to see some other exits. Can you get me a pic of a side door? I'm looking for any that have security keypads.
— After going outside the Casino.
Great, that could be a way in too... that gives us basic coverage for entrances and exits, but there should be more to see if you keep looking. Up to you.
— After sending an image of an entry point on the ground floor.
Yeah, yeah, this could work... If we got ourselves the right security outfits and credentials, we could walk right in this way... right to the fucking vault. The art of subterfuge... I like it.
— After sending an image of the optional security tunnel entrance.
Holy shit... give me a moment... that tunnel... yes... We'd need a big drill for this, but we could head through there and drill right up to the vault level. Blast our way in. Noisy, but... this is a classic play.
— After sending an image of the optional sewer tunnel entrance.


Areas of Interest

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