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For an overview of the entire Heist, see Series A.
After all that hard work crowd funding the business, it's time to make some money. Come to the warehouse and help move two vans loaded with product.
— Brief.

Series A Funding is the final part of the Series A, the fourth heist available in Grand Theft Auto Online.


When the Finale begins, Ron informs the crew that every group involved in the setup jobs has been informed of the location of their stolen drugs and that Trevor was behind it all. Trevor is currently at the warehouse under Los Santos Freeway in East Vinewood with the drugs and needs help fending off the attackers. Later when approaching the warehouse, Trevor informs the crew that two of them will be positioned at the north end of the warehouse and two at the south end. The crew will have to defend Trevor and the trucks, before moving the trucks to the buyer's meeting place at a house by El Gordo Lighthouse.

When the initial attackers at the warehouse are finished, the crew will have to transport the trucks to the lighthouse, with two players in their own Mule and two players in a Technical defending the trucks. Along the delivery route, the attackers will continue to pursue the convoy, with Ballas in Ballers, The Lost in Slamvans and Daemons, and the frat boys in Froggers (if they are not taken out at the initial part of the getaway). The heist concludes when all the vehicles converge at the Lighthouse. Trevor thanks the crew for successfully moving the product to its destination, and gives a garbage bag of cash to the crew, telling them to disperse before more attention arrives.

In the cutscene after the heist, the buyer asks Trevor where the cocaine is, which makes Trevor grow suspicious, as he never revealed his name to the buyer and neither that he was selling cocaine. It turns out that the drug deal is actually a sting operation, and the buyer is a DOA agent instead. The agent tries to make the arrest, but Trevor dives off of a cliff into the water and stays submerged while being fired upon by the agent and the LSPD. Trevor manages to elude the authorities and swims to shore.

A short cutscene follows directly after this, featuring Trevor hitting his head repeatedly on a tree and then leaning on it afterwards, sobbing over the unsuccessful deal, with only a small Impotent Rage statue as his consolation.

The crew is shown outside of the Park View Diner.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the warehouse.
  • Get in position.
  • Hold your position.
  • Take out the enemies.
  • Get in a vehicle and prepare to move out.
  • Take the van to the drop off. (Van Drivers)
  • Help take the vans to the drop off. (Technical Driver/Gunner)

Elite Challenges

  • Complete in under 6:30 minutes
  • Kill 75 enemies
  • Nobody gets wasted


Video Walkthough


GTA Online Heist 4 - Series A Funding - Heist Finale (Elite Challenge & Criminal Mastermind)


  • The Impotent Rage statue seen in the final cutscene may be the one destroyed by The Lost in Nervous Ron in Grand Theft Auto V. This would explain Trevor's attachment to the toy in said mission, as it would have carried his product and would have been a final memento to the GTA Online Protagonist.
  • LSPD officers assist the DOA in the sting, despite the event occurring in Blaine County.
  • When the LSPD fire their pistols as Trevor during the end cutscene, they make a unique sound effect, this cannot be heard in normal gameplay.
  • The end cutscene has some similarities to the missions Blow Your Cover and Buyer's Market from Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and Damned, mainly with the protagonists making a drug deal with undercover agents who eventually get compromised by the protagonists and the protagonists are forced to escape arrest.
  • The player's heist wardrobe and gun locker will remain empty during the whole setup for the period of this heist.
  • This is also the only heist where the online characters are not seen celebrating after they completed it. Instead, Trevor is seen upset as the heist got busted by the police.