"Get a trash truck and do your rounds collecting molly pills in trash bags from Vagos' drop offs. Deal with any assholes you meet and bring the bags to Ron."

Trash Truck is the second heist setup for the Series A in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The crew is split into two teams of two: the Operators and the Collectors. Everyone is instructed to go to the recycling center in Alta Street, Pillbox Hill, where they have to collect a Trashmaster by killing the guards found around the area and get in their respective positions (Operators get in the truck's cabin and Collectors on the back). Once everyone gets in the truck, the Operators are instructed to drive at the locations while the Collectors have to pick the trash bags and take them to the truck's trash compactor.

The first location is in Forum Drive, where there will be two bags. They have 10 minutes to collect the rest of them once they get to the location.

The second location is in Capital Boulevard, where there will be three bags. As soon as one bag is collected, Vagos will spawn within the area and will try to stop them. The Operators have to take them out while the Collectors have to bring the bags to the truck. Collectors are able to defend themselves if necessary. Not all enemies have to be killed to progress onto the next location.

The third location is in Supply Street, where there will be four bags. Again, enemies will spawn within the area and the crew have to defend themselves. They have to be careful, as the location is on a gas station.

The fourth and final location is in Vespucci Boulevard, where there will be five bags in an alleyway. More enemies will spawn to stop the team, so the crew have to take them out.

After getting the last bags, the crew gets in the truck and deliver it to the warehouse under Los Santos Freeway in East Vinewood. Vagos will keep attacking the team along the way, so the crew have to defebd themselves. Once the Trashmaster has been delivered to Ron Jakowski, the mission is complete.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to South L.S. Recycling.
  • Get in the Trashmaster. (Operators)
  • Get on the back of the Trashmaster. (Collectors)
  • Wait for your team to get into the Trashmaster.
  • Take the Collectors to Forum Drive.
  • Take the Collectors to Capital Boulevard.
  • Take the Collectors to Supply Street.
  • Take the Collectors to Vespucci Boulevard.
  • Protect the Collectors while they get the trash.
  • Go to Forum Drive on the Trashmaster.
  • Go to Capital Boulevard on the Trashmaster.
  • Go to Supply Street on the Trashmaster.
  • Go to Vespucci Boulevard on the Trashmaster.
  • Collect the trash.
  • Take the trash to the Trashmaster.
  • Help take the trash to the Trashmaster.
Both teams
  • Deliver the Trashmaster to the warehouse. (Operators)
  • Escort the Trashmaster to the warehouse. (Collectors)


Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Heist 4 - Series A Funding - Trash Truck (Criminal Mastermind)


  • Sometimes, the trash bag will become stuck to a collector for the remainder, rendering it impossible to place it in the back of the truck and complete the setup.


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