"Some hillbillies called the O'Neil Brothers, just got a large shipment of meth cooking ingredients to their farm. Bring a tanker of that stuff to Chef at the gas station."
— Instructions

Steal Meth is the fifth heist setup for the Series A in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The crew must go to the O'Neil Ranch in Grapeseed to steal a tanker of meth juice that will help Chef start his cooking operation at the gas station. The farm will be filled with meth dealers that are scattered all over the place. Once at the farmhouse, the crew should separate to take out the meth dealers outside of the farmhouse faster. The crew should also be extremely careful inside the house, as the cramped space allows enemies to surprise and trap players. Once the majority of the meth dealers have been killed, one of the players needs to pick one of the three tanker trucks parked north of the main house and use it to hop into the tanker parked in front of the barn near the main house. Players must take the tanker to Trevor's meth lab in Ace Liquor. The meth dealers will continue to attack along the way. The tanker is highly flammable so don't let the pursuing meth dealers shoot it too much.

Once the tanker has been delivered to Chef, the mission is complete.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the O'Neil brothers farm.
  • Take out the meth dealers.
  • Steal the tanker.
  • Take the tanker to Trevor's meth lab.



GTA Online Heist 4 - Series A Funding - Steal Meth (Criminal Mastermind)

GTA Online Heist 4 - Series A Funding - Steal Meth (Criminal Mastermind)


  • After a player steals the Tanker, Trevor will point out that it shouldn't be shot at too much, as the Meth juice inside is really flammable. He will then sarcastically remark "But, hey, it's your flaming carcass, not mine". This foreshadows the events of the singleplayer mission Something Sensible.