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For the Heist Finale see Series A Funding

Help a smalltime dealer get the stock he needs to launch a bigtime distribution business. Raid some of the largest narco-operations in the state, take their product, and get it together for the big sale.
— Heist description

Series A is the fourth Heist available to be completed in Grand Theft Auto Online. It was added in the Heists Update.


Trevor will suddenly come into the heist leader's apartment along with Ron and Chef, welcoming the crew to Trevor Philips Industries. Trevor is hooked up with a drug sale, but without the actual drugs to sell he tasks the crew to obtain the "goods" so that he can proceed with the deal.

Despite being classed as a heist, this is not a heist by itself since the stolen goods are obtained during preparation missions.

The Heist consists of five Heist Setups and one finale. It can be completed with a total of 4 players. Ron will be the one coordinating the operation through headset during the setups and later Trevor will join the operation personally.

Heist Setups

  • Coke
Main article: Series A - Coke
Stick up some frat boy dealers on a yacht off the coast near Del Perro. Come at them from air and sea, then bring their product to Ron
— Instructions
  • Trash Truck
Get a trash truck and do your rounds collecting molly pills in trash bags from Vagos' drop offs. Deal with any assholes you meet and bring the bags to Ron.
— Instructions
  • Bikers
Main article: Series A - Bikers
Creep into the Lost camp at night, take out their guards on the quiet, and bring their vans to Ron. They should be loaded with meds.
— Instructions
  • Weed
Main article: Series A - Weed
Go up to the sawmill by Paleto Bay. The Ballas have a huge shipment of weed up there and a pickup truck with a gun placement on it. Get them and bring them to Ron.
— Instructions
  • Steal Meth
Main article: Series A - Steal Meth
Some hillbillies called the O'Neil Brothers, just got a large shipment of meth cooking ingredients to their farm. Bring a tanker of that stuff to Chef at the gas station.
— Instructions


  • Series A Funding
Main article: Series A Funding
After all that hard work crowd funding the business, it's time to make some money. Come to the warehouse and help move two vans loaded with product.
— Instructions

Elite Challenges

  • Complete in under 6:30 minutes
  • Kill 75 enemies
  • Nobody gets wasted



GTA Online Heist 4 - Series A Funding (Elite Challenge & Criminal Mastermind)


  • The name "Series A" is a term taken from Series A round, when a business takes a significant venture for financing.
  • During the first mission debrief cutscene, Trevor will be wearing a unique tank top with the Trevor Philips Industries livery on it.
  • It's worth mentioning that before this heist, Trevor Philips Industries' operation was still growing — at this point, TPI still did not have its own meth lab and had yet to start open war with The Lost (the heist is anonymous and the Lost are apparently unaware that TPI is behind it).
  • It also seems odd that Trevor sends the Protagonists into Stab City to steal from the Lost, and yet he doesn't know where their camp is several months later. While this is likely just an oversight, Trevor may have assumed the Lost moved between the events of Online and GTA V (Or there's a possibility of Trevor forgetting where their camp is).
  • In the initial release, when Trevor meets the Protagonists in their apartment, he states, "What do we have here?", after the Lowrider Update, the line was altered to, "Hey, have we met before?"


  1. $40,400 prior to The Criminal Enterprises.
  2. $202,000 prior to The Criminal Enterprises.
  3. $404,000 prior to The Criminal Enterprises.
  4. $505,000 prior to The Criminal Enterprises.