The Senora Freeway (Route 1 and Route 13) is a freeway that runs through Los Santos County and Blaine County in San Andreas. Its southern end is at the meeting of the two freeways, the Los Santos Freeway and the Palomino Freeway in the northeastern part of San Andreas and travels north until reaching Dignity Village, where it becomes the Great Ocean Highway.


The Senora Freeway is the main road for those traveling along the rural parts of eastern San Andreas. It is a four-lane north-south expressway that connects communities in the Grand Senora Desert and Grapeseed, with Los Santos to the south, and Paleto Bay to the north.

Traveling south, Senora Freeway begins on Route 1 near Paleto Cove and Dignity Village. It then cuts through Braddock Pass through a tunnel before emerging at Grapeseed, becoming Route 13. It continues along the eastern edge of the desert, connecting to East Joshua Road and eastern end of Route 68. It bypasses the Bolingbroke Penitentiary before ending at the intersection the Palomino Freeway (Route 15/Interstate 4).

It is based on U.S route 99.


  • The word Senora is a misspelling of señora, which means "Mrs." in Spanish.
  • The name Senora may also be a reference to the Sonoran Desert in the southwestern United States.


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