"I was going to call a cab. But they scare me. None of then was hitting on me. So I was afraid I was losing it"
— Selma

Selma is a random character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

First Encounter

Huang Lee can find Selma on Little Bay, Bohan only at night. Selma says that she is lost and needs a ride to Rotterdam Hill to encounter a guy that she met online. Along the ride, Selma shows that she is a very insecure woman, who hasn't dated a man for a long time. After Huang takes Selma to her destination, she thanks him and says that next time she mets him, she hopes they go on a date, much to Huang's displeasure.

Second Encounter

This time, Selma will be in Outlook, west of Outlook Park. Selma tries to seduce Huang and starts to stalks him desperately under the delusion that she is on a date. Huang will then need to run away from Selma. She is very fast and will enter in any vehicle that the player enters, the mission will only be complete until she is either lost or killed. The best way to deal with her, is making her enter in any car with Huang and then drive the car into the ocean, in a area in with is impossible to her to climb out of the water, then just run far away from her until the mission is completed. Alternatively, you can just kill her as soon as the cutscene ends.


  • It is implied she has spent some time in a mental institution if she manages to get into your car while trying to escape from her: "The last time I was driven someplace, I was wearing a really tight jacket".
  • There is a glitch that will result in an almost instantaneous mission passed. If Huang is stuck on the front of a vehicle and is pushed by it far enough during the length of the starting conversation, when the player takes control, the dialogue "I love you!" is displayed and the mission is complete.
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