Self-Actualization FM is a radio station appearing in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition, and Episodes from Liberty City. The station plays ambient/chillout music.


The station is hosted by a human DJ called Audrey and replaces The Journey, Fusion FM, and Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 in Episodes From Liberty City. The station's playlist is more modern than that of The Journey, as Self-Actualization FM's playlist is from the late-1980s to the late-2000s, whereas The Journey's is from the late-1960s to the mid-1990s.

Self-Actualization FM is related to the Children of the Mountain cult, as shown by dialogue between songs, along with Brother Adrian being mentioned. In Grand Theft Auto V, on, the description of Children of the Mountain refers to Brother Adrian owning "a radio station in Liberty City that plays trippy music while the DJ repears CoM dogma", suggesting the station is still broadcasting as of 2013.

Terry Thorpe of The Lost MC dislikes this station.


Song: Preview:
"A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of the Ultraworld (Live Mix MK10)" by The Orb (1989)
"Artifacts & Prophecies" by Alpha Wave Movement (1995)
"Bike" by Autechre (1993)
"Cosmology Myth" by Larry Heard (1996)
"Go Forward (Love Bubble Mix)" by Chilled by Nature (2002) Love Bubble Mix not available on Spotify
"Moonbathing" by Tom Middleton (2007) Not available in the US
"Skygazer (3002 Remix)" by Alucidnation (2004) 3002 Remix not available on Spotify
"Psychedelic Brunch Pt. 5 Version 8" by Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze feat. Bill Laswell (2002)

Deleted songs

The following tracks were planned for the station, but were dropped during development. These track names can be found in the file "american.gxt".



Radios GTA EFLC - Self Actualization FM (Download Link)

Radios GTA EFLC - Self Actualization FM (Download Link)


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