" Give me a break. I am a lonely divorcee and a hot chick starts blowing me - what would you do? The problem is, it's gonna be impossible to get the true rat, if Meredith finds out the gang's after us."
Lester Leroc

See No Evil is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to Huang Lee by Lester Leroc.


Lester informs Huang that he has managed to get close to Meredith, albeit becoming sexually involved with her. The Angels of Death discovered this, and are now searching for him. Lester asks Huang to keep the Angels of Death away, while he tries extract information about the FIB informant from Meredith.


Get on the nearby motorcycle and meet Lester, who is questioning Meredith. Follow Lester's vehicle and kill any Angels of Death who attack it. Be sure to pay attention to the "suspicion bar", because the longer the Angels of Death stay close to Meredith's car, Meredith will become suspicious and the bar will fill up very quickly. Eventually, Lester reaches his apartment and he and Meredith go inside. At this point, Huang must guard the apartment and prevent three waves of Angels of Death from attempting to enter. Pay attention to the map to see which directions the Angels attack from, and heavy firepower is recommended. Once the three waves have been defeated, the mission is complete.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Lester is picking up Meredith. Make sure they're both safe
  • Bikers are approaching. Make sure they don't get too close, or Meredith will suspect something
  • Keep the bikers away from the apartments. Don't let them get inside

After the mission

Lester sends an e-mail to Huang explaining that he received as much information as possible from Meredith, and even "more than he bargained for". Lester informs Huang that there is no FIB informant within the Angels of Death. Lester ends the email by telling Huang that he enjoyed working with him, and that Huang can call him should he ever need assistance in the future.

Mission Replay Description

"Lester got down to business with the gang boss's girl, while I kept away any Angels who'd become suspicious of him.

Eventually, he got the info we needed from her - there's no FIB rat in their gang.

...But what I really wanna know is, how come a fat, useless moron can get laid, while I was getting nothing?"



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  • The mission's name is a reference to the Three Wise Monkeys, and the proverb "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."


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