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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

'Ey, look, click on the Security Contract page and check that shit out.
Franklin Clinton to the player when first logging on to the computer.

Security Contracts are a series of missions featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update. They are Free Mode jobs that can be conducted in any session type by CEOs, VIPs and MC Club presidents.


'Ey, so look, these the jobs we got right now. After the guys showed me how to make moves, we pulled a big-ass score, and I cashed out. I was making investments, you know, other plays, and doing real good, but none of that shit hit right. And then I figured, I should use my motherfuckin' street knowledge with these contacts, and that's the business right there... I'm a fixer to the rich and famous. But you can only go so far alone, you know what I'm sayin'? So I needed a grade-A partner, with grade-A capital and grade-A skills... someone to help me turn my hustle into a major operation. And so here we are.
These clients ain't exactly A-List, but now that we working together? Shit, it won't be long before we get some of those. But look, for now the work is robberies, recoveries, assassinations, rescues, and all that shit, you know what I'm sayin'? Once you find a job you like, select it here, then Imani and me will start movin' on our side. And, hey, I appreciate you wanna keep a low profile, that's why my name is on the door, and I'm the face of this shit, know what I'm sayin'? So I'm working the contacts, and you moving in the streets. Some of these can be real tricky, homie, but I'll let you know, and I'll make sure the fuckin' payout is worth it. Sounds good?
A'ight, well I'll get workin' on the A-list catch, somebody who'll put us on the damn map. 'Ey, I wish I could get that girl on them billboards, uh... Rosalia. But shit, man, I don't think her ass in enough trouble right now to need us. At least not yet. Well, we aimin' high, homie.
Franklin Clinton to the player after clicking on the Security Contracts file in the system.
The available contracts offered here change regularly, with each job having different difficulty levels and rewards. Select one to begin.

After buying an Agency, Franklin Clinton introduces himself and advises that before getting an A-List client, their business has to start with smaller jobs.

The player must register as CEO, VIP or MC Club president to access the computer in their Agency office and manually select their first Security Contract. This can be done in any session type. After completing their first job, they can call Franklin from their phone in any session type to get a randomly assigned Security Contract or return to the agency computer to choose one themself.

Three random contracts are provided and these refresh every time the player logs into the computer. Each contract can have a different level of difficulty and the payments are scaled accordingly.

  • Professional = $31,000 to $42,000
  • Specialist = $44,000 to $56,000
  • Specialist+ = $60,000 to $70,000

Security Contracts have a 5 minute wait period between successfully completing one and being able to start another.

Contract Types

Asset Protection

The player is tasked with travelling to a location to protect a business' assets, usually a set amount of cargo and shipments, for 10 minutes. The business' Security Guards will assist the player in some way, but in later waves, enemies will start throwing Molotov Cocktails that can destroy the assets very quickly. The more assets the player managed to protect, the higher the payment will be.

Gang Termination

The player is tasked with travelling to a location to take out several high-ranking gang members. Upon arrival at the gang's hideout, the player must fight their way through the guards to locate 4 high-ranking members and eliminate them, then leave the area to finish the contract.

Liquidize Assets

The player is tasked with tailing a target to a location and destroying rival goods, then planting explosives to completely destroy their assets.

Recover Valuables

The player is tasked with traveling to a location, locating a safe containing the valuables, locating the code to open the safe, retrieving the item and returning it to the Agency.

Rescue Operation

The player is tasked with travelling to a location to rescue the client. Upon arrival a search zone will be marked and the player must find the under siege client, eliminate the attackers and their back-up, and return the client to a designated safehouse location.

Vehicle Recovery

The player must travel to and enter a building where thieves will have the stolen vehicle. Rival gang members need to be eliminated, the vehicle collected, a locked door opened and then the player needs to return the vehicle to their agency garage with enemy reinforcements in pursuit.

A variation of the scenario requires rescue of a pet, with a vehicle containing the animal requiring to be taken back to the Agency.


Completing more Security Contracts will permanently increase your daily earnings at F. Clinton and Partner. Earned cash can be collected from your office safe at the Agency.
  • Completing the first contract unlocks the VIP Contract mission strand and the On Course mission will be available at Los Santos Golf Club.
  • Completing three contracts unlocks Payphone Hits.
  • Completing Security Contracts unlocks trade prices on:
  • Completing fifty contracts awards the player with a trophy[1] that can be seen on their Agency office desk.
  • Every contract that the player fulfills will permanently net additional daily revenue of $100 to the Agency safe, with each milestone being added every 5 contracts. This limit is capped at $20,000, requiring the completion of 201 contracts to gain the maximum daily income.
Celebrity Solutions Agency:
Your daily Agency take has been added to the office safe.
Safe total: $250000 (at capacity)
  • The money is stored in the Agency Safe to a maximum value of $250,000 and must be manually claimed at least weekly and banked by the player. Money contained in the safe is marked with a green Blips-GTAO-CashGreen.png. When the safe is full, Franklin will message that the safe at the office is overflowing and suggest emptying it to start filling it again. A full safe is marked with a red Blips-GTAO-CashRed.png.[2]
Celebrity Solutions Agency:
No money was added to your Agency safe because it is full at $250000


On initial release, access to the Agency computer was restricted to public[3] free mode sessions only. Contract work could be completed in other lobby types only by calling Franklin. This was hotfixed[4] (no client side patch) on December 18th, 2021.


If there are NPC cars within an indoor map (particularly in Liquidize Assets and Vehicle Recovery), they will be locked, but NPC motorcycles can be used within the space.


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