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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

Vehicle Recovery is a security contract featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update. It is a Free Mode mission that can be conducted in any session type by CEOs, VIPs and MC Club presidents.


Franklin calls the player, usually telling them that a client has had their vehicle stolen and the F. Clinton and Partner Agency has been enlisted to retrieve it.

The player is tasked with going to a location, entering a building and locating the stolen vehicle. Multiple enemy forces will be inside. Once the vehicle has been located and entered, Imani will advise that the enemy security has been triggered and the player must unlock the exit, further enemies will enter the building. Finding and pushing the exit button after finding the vehicle but prior to actually claiming the vehicle will prevent the extra interior enemies from spawning.

After eliminating the gang, and pushing the exit button, the player can drive the vehicle to an exit Corona. After exiting the building, the player must return to their Agency garage entry. 3-4 waves of enemy chasers will pursue the player with two vehicles at a time, each containing two enemies.


Sprunk Motorbike Team

Ey, you know that Sprunk motorbike team? Man they been havin' a hell of a year, pickin' up Grand Prix like they been comin' out of a fuckin' vending machine.
Well, their star rider just broke his winning streak: got his personal, super-tuned-up ride stolen, so he came to us. Man, the way he was talking about that bike, you'd think he gave birth to that motherfucker or some shit.
Apparently, a gang of real serious car thieves made off with it as part of some deal with the Mexicans. They've been boosting vehicles all over LS and are planning to ship 'em out of the LSIA.
Look, head down there, and make sure that deal falls through, a'ight.
Franklin Clinton to the player describing the job.

The star rider for the Sprunk motorbike team has had his motorcycle stolen by the Vagos and they have it inside a hangar at LSIA.

Players must travel to the airport and are then directed to a door at the rear of Hangar 1, at the southeastern corner of the airport.

Search the hangar for the stolen [vehicle].
Search the area for a button to unlock the hangar doors.

After entering and locating the bike inside a Titan, they must push the exit button and return the bike to their agency, all while facing Vagos resistance.

After exiting the hangar, chasers will arrive in modified Sultan RS and Banshee 900Rs.



LS Car Meet Member

So, from what I hear the LS Car Meet is a cool-ass spot, but you gotta be careful walkin' in there lookin' like a buster. You flash your keys like some rich fuck just tryn'a show off his last bonus, then you goin' get the wrong kind of attention.
Shit, how do I know? 'Cause that rich fuck is our latest client. Got his brand-new super car jacked just two minutes after he got it.
Look, Imani's tracking it to some garage in Davis. Belongs to the Ballas, so I wouldn't go down there packing light, you feel me? Just pick up the car and bring it back to the client.
Franklin Clinton to the player describing the job.

A member of the LS Car Meet has had his supercar stolen by the Ballas and they have it inside a warehouse on the corner of Davis Avenue and Macdonald Street in Davis.

Search the warehouse for the stolen [vehicle].
Search the area for a button to unlock the warehouse doors.

Players must travel to the warehouse, enter and retrieve the car, push the exit button and return the car to their agency, all while facing Ballas resistance.

Upon exiting the warehouse, Ballas will arrive and give chase in lowrider Buccaneer Customs and Chino Customs.




When the player is tasked to retrieve the Jester RR, the on-screen "vehicle collected" notification[1] above the Radar will state an Ignus has been collected.


Okay, now hear me out on this one. You know rich people be havin' some of the crazy-ass pets, right? I mean, I'm about the only dud I know with a Vinewood address who only got a fuckin' dog.
Well, my neighbor... this motherfucker in the music business... man, he own a fuckin' monkey, and the lil' guy just got stolen... by Merryweather. I swear, homie, I know it sounds crazy, but if you anything like me, you don't fuck around when it comes to the animals.
You gotta get over to Humane Labs and save this little furball, before he ends up with three tails of some shit.
Franklin Clinton to the player describing the job.

Franklin Clinton's neighbor, someone in the music industry, has had his pet monkey stolen.

Search the research lab for the stolen animal.

The job is to retrieve the monkey which is at Humane Labs and Research under Merryweather Security guard, and return it in a borrowed Humane Labs Boxville, rather than the usual retrieval of the client's own vehicle.

Multiple Merrywether personnel are inside the Specimen Handling wing of the building and as the player fights through them, Imani will send a message indicating the animal has been loaded into a vehicle for transportation away from the facility.

Hey boss, I've been checking out the shipping logs for the research dept. Looks like our little guy has been loaded up for transport to a remote lab. Head for the loading bay.
— Imani's text message
Search the delivery vans in the loading bay for the stolen animal.

Once the Boxville is located and retrieved, more Merryweather forces will arrive coming through the building towards the loading bay.

Use the Humane Labs delivery van to transport the stolen animal back to the Agency.
Lab security has kicked in, boss! Can you see a button? Should unlock the doors.
— Imani's text message
Search the area for a button to unlock the lab doors.

After pressing the exit button and exiting the loading bay, multiple Merryweather forces will arrive and give chase in two Merryweather Mesas, up to three groups. Players can opt for either driving away or taking them out.


Brute Boxville



  1. The incorrect onscreen message referring to the Jester RR as an Ignus