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A secret (or out-of-boundary) is a part of the game that is usually not intended to be accessed. Such things serves as non-operable entities and are included to make the game more realistic.



GTA San Andreas

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are a type of content in media that are referential humor, throwbacks to other media, or jokes. Easter Eggs are a way for developers to mention other concepts, ideas, or trends, while players can find amusement from finding and hunting for them. The name comes from the traditional "Easter Egg Hunt" game children play to find hidden eggs, typically with some kind of treat inside.

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  • GTA games also contain a large number of references to popular culture, usually in their advertising, such as billboards showing "True Grime Street Cleaners" as a reference to the popular 'GTA Clone' "True Crime: Streets of LA". Usually, they are categorized as Easter eggs.
  • Cheats are manual codes entered to alter gameplay, such as. These are created intentionally by Rockstar to allow gamers to have occasional fun without having to spend hours searching for the right vehicle or escaping a wanted level. However, many gamers use cheats throughout gameplay.
  • Modifications are alterations to the games such as vehicles, buildings, maps, player skin, textures, missions etc. created by third-party sources (not Rockstar). Also, many tools exist to alter the gameplay experience, called Trainers, which can modify any number of things in real-time whilst you're playing a game, from spawning cars to enabling flight.

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