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Seagulls are animals and a form of collectible in the episodes The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony DLCs for Grand Theft Auto IV. They are later found as controllable creatures in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Seagulls are similar to the main game's pigeons in which they are "collected" by shooting them. They are much easier to locate because of their louder sounds, and all of them can be found in easier-to-reach places. There are fifty seagulls total in both games.

Seagulls in The Lost and Damned


CollectiblesMap-TLAD-1875px.jpgThe collectibles map of TLAD (Seagulls)


CollectiblesMap-TLAD-Bohan.jpgThe collectibles map of Bohan.


  • Boulevard 1
  • Boulevard 2
  • Boulevard 3
  • Fortside 1
  • Little Bay 1
  • Northern Gardens 1
  • South Bohan 1


CollectiblesMap-TLAD-DukesWest.jpgThe collectibles map of Dukes. (without Francis International Airport)
CollectiblesMap-TLAD-DukesFIA.jpgThe collectibles map of Dukes' Francis International Airport.


  • Cerveza Heights 1
  • Cerveza Heights 2
  • Meadows Park 1
  • Steinway 1
  • Willis 1
  • Francis International Airport 1
  • Francis International Airport 2


CollectiblesMap-TLAD-Broker.jpgThe collectibles map of Broker.


  • Firefly Projects 1
  • Hove Beach
  • Rotterdam Hill 1
  • Schottler 1


CollectiblesMap-TLAD-AlgonquinNorth.jpgThe collectibles map of northern Algonquin (Uptown Algonquin).


Algonquin, Uptown

  • Middle Park 1
  • Middle Park 2
  • Middle Park West 1
  • North Holland 1
  • Northwood 1
  • Northwood 2


CollectiblesMap-TLAD-AlgonquinSouth.jpgThe collectibles map of southern Algonquin (Midtown Algonquin & Downtown Algonquin).

Algonquin, Midtown

  • Easton 1
  • Lancet 1
  • The Meat Quarter 1
  • Purgatory 1
  • Star Junction 1

Algonquin, Downtown

  • Chinatown 1
  • The Exchange 1
  • Suffolk 1


CollectiblesMap-TLAD-AlderneyNorth.jpgThe collectibles map of northern Alderney.


Northern Alderney

  • Alderney City 1
  • Alderney City 2
  • Alderney City 3
  • Berchem 1
  • Leftwood 1
  • Leftwood 2
  • Normandy 1
  • Westdyke 1
  • Westdyke 2


CollectiblesMap-TLAD-AlderneySouth.jpgThe collectibles map of southern Alderney.

Southern Alderney

  • Acter 1
  • Acter 2
  • Acter Industrial Park 1
  • Acter Industrial Park 2
  • Acter Industrial Park 3
  • Normandy 1
  • Tudor 1
  • Tudor 2


CollectiblesMap-TLAD-HumboldtRiver.jpgThe collectibles map of Humboldt River (Charge Island & Colony Island).

Humboldt River

  • Charge Island 1
  • Colony Island 1


In TLAD, collecting all of the seagulls will reward you with an Innovation, both at your safehouse and deliverable by Clay.

Seagulls in The Ballad of Gay Tony

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In TBoGT, the reward for collecting all of the seagulls is an APC at Yusuf Amir's construction site, after completing For the Man Who Has Everything.

Seagulls in Grand Theft Auto V and Online

Seagulls are one of the many birds found in Grand Theft Auto V. They can be seen flying in the air at coastline areas such as Vespucci Beach, however, they are not required to be found or killed. They may occasionally land on the ground or on structures, and they will always fly away from the player if he approaches.

In the enhanced versions, the player can consume a Peyote Plant and begin hallucinating that he is a random bird. One of these birds is a Seagull, as seen here.

Peyote Plants were also added to Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the The Diamond Casino & Resort update. The player has a chance of turning into a seagull when the plant is consumed.


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Grand Theft Auto V

  • While in flight, seagulls are completely immune to helicopter or plane blades/propellers, however, they can can be killed with blades/propellers as they are taking off.
    • Seagulls are not immune to impact with the aircraft's bodywork itself.

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