You may be looking for GTA Online Water Races.

Sea Races are a side mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


There are four different Sea Races in V. They become available after the mission Hood Safari.

Unlike the Hao Street Races, the sea races can be completed by any Protagonist like the Offroad Races. Earning medals in races counts towards the Hobbies and Pastimes part of the 100% Completion in GTA V

The player needs to go to the race location, swim up to the Seashark and press RIGHT on the D-Pad. If the player is already riding a Seashark up to the race start point, they do not need to mount the spare craft and can enter with the one they are already on by just pressing the RIGHT D-Pad. The player is required to race through checkpoints against different AI competitors.

An advanced catch-up mode is in place whereby if the player falls off or lags behind, the AI is slowed to allow the player to get back in contention, and if the player is out in front, the AI will always be able to keep up within a few lengths but not overtake unless the player makes mistakes.

There is no monetary reward after completing the water races.


Los Santos Port

Power Station

El Gordo

Lago Zancudo



GTA 5 PC - Sea Races

GTA 5 PC - Sea Races


  • At the beginning of each race, the radio will always be tuned into Radio Mirror Park.
  • All race start zones will have 3 NPCs and a spare Seashark. 4 more NPCs will join the start grid on the first 3 races after the player enters the race.
  • The AI doesn't seem to follow the course and sometimes they miss the checkpoint by miles but still continue.
  • Lifeguard Seashark can also be used to play these races.