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Scuba diving is an activity in Grand Theft Auto V. It can be performed anytime by the player.

In order to begin the activity, the player must go to the wardrobe at his safehouse and choose the Scuba Suit (this is not necessarily required, as the player can scuba dive with regular clothes on). The player then must enter either a Dinghy or a Submersible. Upon exiting either craft, the player will immediately be equipped with a scuba tank and breathing apparatus. The player will then be able to enter the water and dive. The movement controls while scuba diving are identical to the controls of normal underwater swimming, however this time the player is not restricted by any breath meter. There is also a depth limit, and if the player passes it, he will slowly lose health and eventually die. Other underwater dangers the player must be aware of are sharks, which may attack the player unprovoked.

Scuba diving can be an enjoyable activity to perform, and with the inclusion of a fully-detailed underwater environment and several wrecks scattered about the ocean, this may be a very rewarding activity as well. Some shipwrecks around the ocean contain weapons strewn amongst the wreckage, along with briefcases full of money.

If the player walks on land, he will immediately take off the scuba tank and mask.

Despite having a steady supply of oxygen, scuba diving gradually increases the player's lung capacity.


  • You cannot use your phone while scuba diving.
  • Each character dons a different color mask when scuba diving that corresponds to that character's signature color. Michael has a blue mask while Franklin has a green one and Trevor has an orange one.
  • Despite in-game instructions stating that you need the scuba outfit to go diving, it is unnecessary and the player can go diving in whatever they are currently wearing.
  • The flippers are only used by Michael in the The Merryweather Heist the freighter approach and in Monkey Business missions only. They are not available outside of those missions after unlocking the scuba suit after completing the main story to all the protagonists. They can be obtained through trainers in the PC version.
  • Unlike in real life when diving, the tanks worn by the protagonists never run out of air.
  • In GTA Online, as of The Doomsday Heist, functional Scuba Gear can be bought in clothing stores in the Outfit menu.