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Trevor heads to the Port of LS to look for a job.
— GTA V description at Rockstar Games Social Club
Floyd: "Yes, I work at the docks."
Trevor: "And? Anything, uh, interesting there for a man like me?"
Floyd: "Well I mean I-I-I don't rightly.. rightly know. What kind of a person are you?"
Trevor: " Oh, I am THAT kind of person, Floyd. I am that kind of person."
Trevor Philips and Floyd Hebert discussing about the docks

Scouting the Port is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V that Trevor Philips performs independently.


The mission begins in Floyd's apartment in Vespucci Beach, where Trevor forces Floyd to help him with a new caper. After Trevor, Wade, and Floyd all dress in stolen longshoreman uniforms, Trevor drives Floyd and Wade to the Port of Los Santos. Along the way, Trevor interrogates Floyd as to whether there is anything worth stealing at the port. Eventually, Floyd reveals the presence of a ship guarded by Merryweather Security, a ship that regular dock employees like Floyd are not allowed to approach and which potentially contains military hardware. Trevor decides that they must find out what is on that ship.

Once at the dock, Wade is pulled aside by a union boss to help with the clean-up of a mysterious spill. Trevor follows Floyd to the mystery ship. From there, the mission consists of several parts:

  1. Trevor and Floyd are accosted by a Merryweather guard who demands that they move two shipping containers. To maintain their cover, Trevor and Floyd use a Dock Handler to move the containers around the dock area.
  2. Trevor wants to take photographs of the mystery ship. To get a better angle on the ship, he climbs a nearby container crane. However, a port boss on the crane orders Trevor to get to work. To maintain his cover, Trevor uses the crane to load two shipping containers onto waiting tractor trailers.
  3. Once the containers are loaded, Trevor takes pictures of the ship. He must get three pictures: one of the bow of the ship, one of the security guard watching the gangplank, and one of the ship's stern.
  4. Trevor and Floyd take a loaded tractor trailer to the Los Santos Naval Port, which is also guarded by Merryweather. Entering the Port triggers a cut scene. Trevor gets out of the tractor trailer and pretends to have a delivery. Merryweather guards quickly surround him. Floyd tries to intervene but is knocked down and assaulted by the guards for his troubles. In the ensuing melee, Trevor sneaks into a guardhouse and steals a briefcase containing a shipping manifest. He then leaves, abandoning Floyd.

Trevor returns back to the apartment. There, he finds Wade sitting on the couch and covered in industrial waste. A final cut scene requires the player to choose one of two options for The Merryweather Heist:

Choosing the freight method will unlock the following setup mission:

Trevor will also send a text message to Franklin, asking him to improve his aim at the Ammu-Nation Shooting Range.

Choosing the offshore method will unlock the following setup missions:

Trevor will also call Michael, asking him to improve his flying skill at the Flight School.

Mission Objectives

  • Get in your truck.
  • Go to Pier 400.
  • Park next to dispatch.
  • Follow Floyd.
  • Get in the handler.
  • Move the marked containers to the loading area.
  • Set the container in the loading area.
  • Go to the crane.
  • Climb the crane to reach the cabin.
  • Load the containers onto the trucks.
  • Go to the vantage point at the end of the catwalk.
  • Use the camera phone to take photos of the boat.
  • Send the photos to Ron.
  • Descend the crane to the docks floor.
  • Get in the truck.
  • Drive to the docking area.
  • Leave the restricted area.
  • Go to Floyd's apartment.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete within 20:00.
  • Employee of the Month - Complete without damaging the containers.
    • Drive the handler carefully.
  • Perfect Surveillance - Snap all 3 photographs of the boat as instructed.
    • Follow all instructions.
  • An Honest Day's Work - Complete without causing a disturbance at the docks.
    • Easily done as causing a disturbance fails the mission.


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This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission Scouting the Port in Grand Theft Auto V.

Trevor arrives at Floyd's apartment. Floyd and Wade are fighting.
Wade: And Trevor is...
Floyd: Trevor... Trevor is a...
Trevor: Trevor is a what?
Wade: Trevor is... a good guy. He's like family, that's it ain't it, Floyd?
Floyd: Tha-tha-tha-that's right, yes, Trevor. B-b-b-b-but the thing is, umm... I ain't been with that many women. I don't find it easy, and umm... and Debra, w-w-we're getting married so...
Trevor: Oh, that's beautiful.
Floyd: B-but I'm scared that she's gonna leave me. I mean this is her place and the fornicatin'... There's Mr. Raspberry Jam...
Floyd points at the teddy bear.
Trevor: Whoa! Whoa! Now Mr. Raspberry Jam... He died a noble death. Bringing great joy to a... lonely man.
Floyd: I ain't got a very big penis! Some girls laugh when they... When they look at it.
Trevor: Well, show me.
Floyd: Oh, no...
Trevor: Show me, boy!
Floyd: I-I-I-I-I-I-I don't want to.
Trevor takes off his pants and shows Floyd his penis.
Trevor: Mine ain't nothin' special, but this boy gets the job done. Alright? Now, Wade here says that you work at the docks?
Floyd: Umm, yes.
Trevor: Look at me!
Floyd: Can you just... put your Johnson away? Sir?
Trevor: Ah, Jesus.
Trevor puts his pants back on.
Floyd: Yes, I work at the docks.
Trevor: And? Anything uh, interesting there for a man like me?
Floyd: Well I mean I-I-I don't rightly... rightly know. What kinda person are you?
Trevor grabs Floyd by the collar.
Trevor: Oh, I'm that kind of person, Floyd! I am that kind of person! Now, let's get you, Wade and that... little tormentor down there, to put these on.
Trevor gives Floyd and Wade boxes with dock worker outfit.
Trevor: We... are going for a ride. Gentlemen, the gateway to America awaits!
They leave the apartment.
Trevor: (speaking to Ron over the phone) Ron, we got an inside man at the Port of LS. I'm gonna send you some information. I need you on point to help plan things.
Ron: I got it T, I really miss...
Trevor hangs up. Wade, Floyd and Trevor get in Trevor's truck.
Trevor: Come on then, Floyd. What you got for me?
Floyd: Like I said, I don't rightly know what we got. You're going to have to be more exact in your questioning, sir.
Trevor: Err... we're looking for something to steal.
Floyd: Sir, I stole a pencil in elementary school and I've been regretting it ever since.
Wade: Floyd always was a stick in the mud.
Floyd: Look, sir, please, just tell me what you want and I'll do my utmost to assist you in finding it.
Trevor: Here's the problem. I don't know what I want. It's a bit, well, like pornography or a perfect turd, I can't quite describe it, but I'll know it when I see it.
Floyd: You ain't aiding my comprehension.
Trevor: Alright, alright. How's this? Two hundred and thirty six billion dollars worth of cargo came through The Port of Los Santos last year.
Wade: He's real good with numbers.
Trevor: I don't want to hijack a truck full of pineapples, Floyd. You need to give us the inside track on what's coming through.
Floyd: We don't know what's in the containers. They certainly don't put price tags on 'em.
Trevor: Have you noticed anything? Anything different? Anything that might indicate something...
Floyd: Well, there's been all these Merryweather folks hanging around.
Trevor: Merryweather Security Consulting? Private army to the New World Order?
Wade: My butt's gone numb.
Trevor: The folks waging outsourced shadow wars in twenty countries around the globe, and recently cleared to operate on US soil?
Floyd: That, umm, sounds like them.
Trevor: So, there's a private militia in the port. What are they guarding?
Floyd: This one freighter. I guess now that you mention it, it ain't quite right.
Trevor: A freighter. Perfect. Can I get on board?
Floyd: No, no. They won't let you anywhere near it. They're kind of assholes about it actually. The other day my colleague, Ralph...
Trevor: I don't give a shit about Ralph. We got to take a look. Is there anything else?
Floyd: There's another bunch of Merryweather guys out by the navy warehouse. They got boats coming in and out. I heard they was testing something.
Trevor: Alright. We'll take a look at that as well.
They arrive at the Pier 400.
Port Worker 1: Go park and get to dispatch.
Floyd: Uh, yep! Will do!
Trevor: Go park and get to dispatch.
Trevor parks next to dispatch.
Port Worker 2: Come on. Shift's about to start.
Floyd: Here comes the supe'. I got to check in.
Trevor: Remember, Floyd. This can go real wrong, real quick.
Union Boss: We got a waste spillage, and I got a slot on the cleanup crew.
Trevor: There is nothing that Wade here ain't gonna do for a warm meal.
Union Boss: Hope you got a strong stomach, son. Get in there!
Trevor and Floyd walk away.
Trevor: You gonna take me to see this freighter?
Floyd: Yeah, it's over here.
Trevor: You ever get helicopters coming in and out of here? You know those big sky crane things that can pick up a whole container?
Floyd: Now, this is restricted airspace. They won't let anything out of here without clearance. Shoot it down if they have to.
Trevor: So, how's a man in a hurry supposed to get in and out of this place?
Floyd: Well, we got a port that's dredged to fifty feet.
Trevor: What's the coast guard response like?
Floyd: Well, they got cutters, forty five foot response vessels, air support... you're not gonna move much faster than them. 'Specially if you're carrying something.
Trevor: Maybe I'll have to saddle you up and ride you across the Miriam Turner Overpass.
Floyd: I just said they had the water surface real covered.
Trevor: Okay.
Floyd: That is the freighter I told you about.
Trevor: What do you think they got on it?
Floyd: We just stevedore them, we ain't meant to know what's in the containers.
Trevor: But?
Floyd: But these are marked military. Government.
Trevor: Anything weird about that?
Floyd: The government stuff is hot freight. Pulls up, goes right through. This stuff's... just been sitting here.
Trevor: You are beginning to arouse my... curiosity.
Floyd: Over there. Two o'clock. Looks like Forrest got on the wrong side of some Merryweather guys.
Port Worker 3: You. You. We need two guys on the handler. Couple of containers in bay B got to be brought up to F. That ain't a question. Get on it. Now!
Floyd: You drive and I'll spot.
Floyd and Trevor get on the Dock Handler.
Trevor: How about I run that prick over in this thing?
Floyd: I thought you wanted to 'scope' the place. We don't get the containers, they're gonna check your card. I'm getting nervous.
Trevor: You're always nervous. Relax.
Floyd: Not always, sir. Just around you. And it's just... cousin Wade's on his own. He better hold it together. Stick to the story.
Trevor: He'll be fine. Boy's on a waste clearance crew. He's never happier than when he's neck deep in shit.
They approach the Bay B containers.
Floyd: It's those containers. Bay B.
Trevor grabs the first container with the container handler
Floyd: Now we got to bring it over to bay F.
Trevor: I know why they call 'em handlers. Because they handle like a dream.
Floyd: This ain't a toy, sit, it's heavy machinery.
Trevor: Thank fuck I'm high as a kite.
Floyd: You should not be operating this vehicle while under the influence.
Trevor: I'll operate you under the influence if you're not careful.
The first container is moved to the Bay F.
Trevor: You happy? Now, I'll get the other one for you. Me, anyway. I'm going to need a better view of that freighter.
Floyd: I'm sorry, but this is as close as you goin' to get.
Trevor: Nah, nah, nah. I need to take some pictures, send 'em to my guy, Ron. I'll need a proper view.
Floyd: There's the cranes, but...
Trevor: Cranes. Perfect.
Floyd: Oh, shoot.
Trevor grabs the second container with the container handler.
Trevor: Hey, whose dick you have to suck to get this job? Being a stevedore used to be a back-breaking work, now you're paid brain surgeon bucks to push an oversized shopping cart.
Floyd: I did not fellatiate no one to get this job. Debra's old friends with the, well, with the...
Trevor: Bluh... with the... with the... Say no more. You didn't fellate no one, but darling Debbie probably did, and she probably enjoyed it.
The second container is left at the Bay F.
Trevor: Okay. It's up to the top of the crane for me.
Trevor climbs up to the top of a container crane.
Port Worker 4: Hey, there ain't time to admire the view. I been waiting on a crane driver nearly an hour.
Trevor: I'm not permitted to drive cranes, buddy.
Port Worker 4: Hey, you need me to get your Union rep up here, right now? Sooner you get in the cab, sooner we can get out of here.
Trevor: This is on you.
Trevor enters the crane cabin.
Trevor: Alright, I'm here. What do I do?
Port Worker 4: Pick up the containers down this the end, and put 'em on the trucks at the other end.
Trevor lines up the spreader and the container.
Port Worker 4: That's lined up. Move the spreader down so it can grab the container.
Trevor attaches the spreader to the container
Port Worker 4: It's hooked up. So, lift it high enough to clear that container stack, and move it to the other end. We need to go to the other end - bay five. Keep going, keep going. That's the truck. Ease her onto it. You want to line it up with the frame of the truck.
Trevor places the container onto the truck and lets it go.
Port Worker 4: Truck is clear to go. And you said you wasn't qualified. Go back up the other end and start again. Line up the second red container at the end.
Trevor moves the second container onto the truck and lets it go.
Port Worker 4: Alright. You're done. Break time.
Trevor: How about this view, eh? I'm going to take some photos for the kids.
Trevor takes three photos of the ship and sends them to Ron. After that, he gets off the crane.
Floyd: Trevor, you wanna see that warehouse? Come on. We can use the big rig.
Trevor and Floyd get in the loaded truck.
Floyd: It's on the other side of Port City. So, they been guarding one of them dry docks. We can take a look at it, but no one's allowed round there.
Trevor: Normal rules don't apply to us, Floyd. We're going in.
Floyd: I don't know. Rules applied to me my whole life. I like rules.
Trevor: And look at you. You're a failure. You're in a loveless relationship...
Floyd: What do you mean, loveless? I love Debra.
Trevor: If she loved you, she'd be here, wouldn't she? But she's not.
Floyd: You know I'm insecure...
Trevor: You've got a dead end job.
Floyd: What? Dead end? No.
Trevor: Floyd - it's dead end.
Floyd: Being a unionized longshoreman's one of the best paying jobs in the country. You tell people round La Puerta that's what you do, they liable to rob you, they're so jealous.
Trevor: No one's jealous of you, Floyd. They pity you. You're abused by that woman. You're abused by these slave drivers. I mean, I've never worked so had in my life.
Floyd: It ain't so bad. I been doing this every day for ten years. Only usually with less of the criminality.
Trevor: You're wasting your life, Floyd. It's lucky we turned up when we did. I'm saving you. From yourself.
Floyd: We ain't heard from Wade.
Trevor: What are you, his mother? He's fine.
Floyd: A spillage shouldn't take this long to contain. There must be a lot of it.
Trevor: Good. Keep him busy, while we get to work.
Trevor and Wade arrive at the Los Santos Naval Port.
Merryweather Guard 1: Hey, hey, hey, hey! You can't come through here. It's restricted access.
Trevor: (leaving the truck) No entiendo. No understand you. Huh? Manifesto. Manifesto say, deliver here.
Merryweather Guard 2: Hey! Stop! (grabs Trevor by the neck) Where the fuck do you think you're going!? Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Multiple Merryweather guards surround Trevor and Floyd.
Merryweather Guard 3: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Merryweather Guard 4: Hey! Hey, hey!
Merryweather Guard 5: Back it up! Back it up!
Floyd: He must have got confused. The guy don't speak English. He must have misread the manifest. It's all a misunderstanding.
Trevor: He said... He said to go here.
Floyd: The guy writing it must have...
Floyd is knocked down and attacked by guards. Trevor uses the opportunity to sneak into the guardhouse and steal the shipping manifest and leaves the Los Santos Naval Port.
Trevor: Sorry, you're going to have to go it alone.
Ron calls Trevor.
Ron: Trevor, these photos... you've really stumbled onto something. The ship... Merryweather.
Trevor: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Tell me about the ship. If we put a man with a gun on the bridge next to it, and get a guy on board, I think we got a good chance of taking over.
Ron: Way it looks to me, there's a container below deck. They're guarding it for the government - keeping it off the books. Serious military technology, most like.
Trevor: Yeah, of course. I just found a manifest. They're testing something out at sea, it's gotta be that. Now, get back to work. If the TPI conglomerate ain't thriving, there's only one man responsible.
Ron: Of course, yeah, but I'll start pulling all the intel I can get on Merryweather at the same time. I got a file here somewhere.
Ron hangs up. Trevor arrives at the Floyd's apartment. Wade is sitting on the couch covered in industrial waste.
Trevor: What in the name of all things holy?
Wade: I-I-I tried to stop it, but it just kept... coming... and coming...
Trevor: There, there, Wade. You're just not cut out for honest work, alright?
Wade: Did you get what you needed?
Trevor: Yeah, yeah, yeah, more or less, yeah. I just gotta figure out a place to plan this now. Alright, this'll do, huh.
Trevor takes Debra's portrait and throws it onto floor, breaking it.
Wade: That woman ain't even fine. Ain't no one understands why Floyd lets her use him so.
Trevor: Oh, it's low self-esteem, Wade. We gotta build him back up.
Trevor starts drawing the plan on the wall.
Trevor: Now... And... There... Perfect!
Trevor starts explaining the plan. The camera points at various parts of the "planning board" during the explanation.
Trevor: Alright, so, based on my observations, I'd say these Merryweather security cocksnots are sitting on something real valuable. I think they got two of these things, but we only need one. The first one is on that freighter, in a container below deck. They got guards all over that ship, so it's likely they're keeping it on ice. The air, land and sea routes into the port'll be locked down as soon as we make a noise. At these x's here. Which means we have to blow up the ship, and grab the thing underwater. Need a guy to plant the bombs, a guy to look out for him with a rifle, and a guy to grab teh thing, whatever it is, underwater. That means stealing us a submarine, of course, but you can find us one of them, can't ya?
Wade: Huh?
Trevor: Now, the other one is off the coast being tested. They're running the operation from the dock where I last saw your cousin. We'll need a submarine for that too, and probably a chopper, a big one. We go out there, look around underwater, locate it, bring it back here, and find out what it is.
Wade: Here? To the condo?
Trevor: Alright, so what do we think? Container ship, or whatever's offshore?
The player decides on the approach.
Trevor: (If the player chooses the Freighter approach) It's gotta be the container, right?
(If the player chooses the Offshore approach) Offshore. Deep sea adventure. Got to be.
The player confirms their choice.
  • You and Floyd can help. And we'll bring along Michael and his unpaid intern.
  • You and Floyd can help. We'll get Michael involved and he can put us in touch with some local talent.
Trevor: Okay! Alright!
Floyd gets in the apartment.
Floyd: What is that smell?
Trevor: Oh! We are going straight to the local Union Rep. Wade here was injured in the performance of his duties. Human waste has seeped into his very pores, and I am sorry to say this but, I don't think he's ever going to smell normal... again.
Floyd: You can't go to the Union.
Trevor: You are Union, alright, and you vouched for us, alright? Look at him, man! Smell him! Smell him!
Floyd: Trevor! Trevor, I... You're planning a robbery on my place of work! You violated Mr. Raspberry Jam and... God alone knows what else!
Floyd notices Debra's broken portrait which was hidden by Wade until then.
Floyd: You damaged Debra... look, my lady and my Union... that's all I got. So why don't we just, why don't we just let this all slide? Huh?
Trevor: If you're comfortable... with what's happened to your cousin, then so be it, alright? But I would give him a bath and rinse him off.
Wade: No! No baths!
Trevor leaves the apartment.


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Video Walkthroughs

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  • In the beta, the player originally had to move crates with a forklift racing Floyd, similar to the mission Robbing Uncle Sam from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • Merryweather presence on the Port of Los Santos was first mentioned in an internet news article from Weazel News after the mission Nervous Ron. The article mentions that Don Percival has been lobbying for the contract to Merryweather work on the port, but they deny that they are working there yet.
  • If the player kills the Merryweather guards attacking Floyd, Floyd will continue to writhe around and grunt as if he was still being beaten.
    • The rifle that one of the soldiers beating Floyd is carrying has no magazine in it.
  • During the opening cutscene when Trevor is showing Floyd his penis, his genitals can briefly be seen when he takes off his pants and pulls them up later, making him the only protagonist in the series whose genitals can be seen, albeit briefly.
    • In the Japanese version of the game, Trevor does not expose himself to Floyd and instead makes a gesture.
  • After the mission ends, if the player approaches the bathroom in Floyd's house, they can hear Floyd giving Wade a bath.
    • Sometimes, if the player saves the game by sleeping on the bed right after the mission is passed, once Trevor wakes up, Wade can be seen standing outside of the bathroom already cleaned up, even if the conversation between him and Floyd as if the latter was bathing the former can still be heard.
  • Trevor wears sunglasses in the original version of the game. In the enhanced version, he wears standard glasses.
  • After arriving at Pier 400, and before the objective "Follow Floyd" appears, the player can enter a Biff that is parked nearby. Staying in it for too long, spooking dock workers with it, or hitting dock workers will fail the mission.
    • Furthermore, the player can use it to push Floyd around and they will see that he cannot be knocked over even if he is pressed against a wall or hit at high speed.
  • If the player gets a wanted level after leaving the restricted area, the GPS point will disappear but the player can go to Floyd's house and complete the mission.
  • Hitting the dock workers with the containers will not fail the mission. This is most likely an oversight.