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I can give you work with our organization, but first you must prove to me that your ties with the Mafia are truly broken. Salvatore Leone will be leaving Luigi's in about three hours time. Make sure he doesn't reach his club alive.
Asuka Kasen

Sayonara Salvatore is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III, given to protagonist Claude by Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen from her condominium in the Newport district of Staunton Island, Liberty City.


After being betrayed by Salvatore Leone, Claude now wants revenge and plans to work for the Yakuza. However, Yakuza leader Asuka Kasen wants Claude to prove his loyalty to the Yakuza and sever his ties with the Leone Family by assassinating Salvatore as he leaves Luigi Goterelli's club later that day.

Claude travels to Luigi's club on Portland. He waits nearby the club until Salvatore leaves, whereby he assassinates Salvatore, severing his ties to the Leones.


The reward for completing this mission is $25,000 and the unlocking of the next missions, Under Surveillance for Asuka Kasen and Bling-bling Scramble for King Courtney.

After the Mission

The Leone Family will fire upon Claude should he be on their turf on Portland. The Leones will be armed with Pump Action Shotguns from now on and it only takes a few hits to destroy most vehicles (an added difficulty being that Claude can't bail out of his vehicle), one should be careful when traveling through Saint Mark's. It is extremely advisable to complete Turismo, I Scream, You Scream and Big'n'Veiny (although they will use Uzis in this mission) for the Diablos and the mafia rampage before completing this mission.


  • Salvatore Leone - Killed by Claude to prove his loyalty to the Yakuza, as well as revenge for betraying him.
  • Several members of the Leone Family (optional) - Killed while protecting Salvatore.


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  • The Leones guarding Salvatore will carry weapons they do not normally use. The majority of them will carry an Uzi while the remaining guards will carry shotguns.
  • If the player is spotted while on the roof of the building across the street from Luigi's Sex Club 7, the Leones will run up the stairs and start attacking Claude.