The Santa Maria Beach Safehouse is a safehouse located in Santa Maria Beach, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The interior of the house is average size, it has a hallway with the first bedroom on the left and the kitchen on the right, further down the hall is the wardrobe in which players can change their outfits. Going further straight is the second bedroom, and the living room in to the right of the hallway.

In front of the safehouse is a parking lot, which contains random vehicles. Although relatively safe early in the game, following The Green Sabre the area becomes a strong enemy gang territory and Carl may be subject to attack if he lingers outside the house too long.



  • This safehouse is ideal for storing a Vortex and using it in the Beat the Cock! event during the swimming portion.
  • This is the best choice to save the game when the player is doing trucking missions, since the house is close to the RS Haul depot in Flint County.
  • It can be also a good choice to save the game here after doing the mission Snail Trail.
  • It is the closest safehouse to Helena's farm when dating her.


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