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"The meth gangs of Blaine County aren't famed for their hospitality or tolerance of strangers, especially rival crews, so expect a Sandy Shores welcome to remember. Be prepared for multiple ambushes that escalate in severity with each wave of attack."

Sandy Survival is a Survival job in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is located at Sandy Shores.


Standard Survival rules apply.

The enemies are O'Neil Brothers rednecks.


  • You may climb the many buildings in the area, as this Survival either doesn't have a out-of-bounds ruling for altitude, or doesn't have buildings tall enough to reach that altitude.
  • One of the best spots for this Survival is on the roof of O'Sheas Barbers Shop on the south side of the area. It can be reached by using either the ventilation system on the north side, or the bicycle rack on the south side. The roof of the building provides both higher ground and good cover from enemies. It also is very near both Health pickups and Body Armor, should you need to quickly regenerate one or both between rounds.




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