The Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station is a sheriff station in Grand Theft Auto V, located in the same building as the Sandy Shores Medical Center, on Alhambra Drive in Sandy Shores


The office occupies the eastern end of the long single level rectangular building. The public office area is accessible in GTA Online during a Business Battle but is otherwise inaccessible to all players. The remainder of the eastern end of the building is inaccessible but would appear from the exterior to house further offices and cells.

A high resolution satellite image of the entire map is on one wall while a black and white view of most of Blaine County is hanging on another wall.

A female deputy can usually be found outside the station using her Phone. During the Business Battle, several sheriff's deputies (including Deputy Kirkman and Deputy Grimes) will be inside, usually accompanied by a random NPC in the waiting area.

A "Sheriff Los Santos County" flag is flying above the station and an American flag is flying from a flagpole at the eastern end of the building.

The player will spawn here after getting Busted anywhere in southeastern Blaine County. Trevor and Michael will also respawn in this police station if they are arrested in Los Santos between Caida Libre and Monkey Business missions during their exile from the city.



Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online

  • Police Riot - parked at the northern end of the car park.
  • Sheriff Cruiser (when equipped with a wanted level, or in another Sheriff Cruiser).

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online

  • Asset Recovery – This police station can be chosen by the VIP/CEO as the starting location.
  • Motorcycle Club business Resupply - players might get asked to attract the cops around the area until the supplies appear in the radar, to finally take them to the business.
  • Business Battles - may appear in a Business Battle where the player is required to hack a police computer inside the station to locate the Goods.


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