The Sandy Shores Medical Center is the medical center serving Sandy Shores, Blaine County, in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


It is located on Alhambra Drive, adjacent to the County Sheriff station.

It has departments of Cosmetic Surgery, Maternity Ward, Obesity Ward and an emergency room. Players will spawn here if it is the closest hospital upon them becoming wasted.


  • Health pickup (at the front of the clinic)
  • Body Armor (behind a power generator in the back)
  • ATM (at the side of the medical center)



  • Trevor and Michael will respawn in this hospital if they are killed in Los Santos after completing Caida Libre and before completing Monkey Business.
  • On rare occasions, when playing as Trevor, there will be a man on the front porch taunting Trevor. If Trevor talks back, the man will fight the player.
  • A few beater vehicles consistently spawn on the western end of the parking lot. These are never locked.
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