San Vitus Boulevard is a street located in Rockford Hills, Burton and West Vinewood, Los Santos featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


From south to north, the street begins at Dorset Drive, crossing Abe Milton Parkway, Carcer Way, Hawick Avenue and Spanish Avenue, ending at Eclipse Boulevard.


The street features its main businesses in the Burton area, where it is a four-lane boulevard. On the other hand, the section in West Vinewood is a two-lane boulevard, being comprised especially by apartment complexes, including The Tahitian and The Royale.

Places of Interest


West Vinewood



Rockford Hills

West Vinewood


  • A Stunt Jump is located on this street, at the elevated area in the center of Rockford Plaza, near the intersection of Carcer Way.


  • The safehouse on this street is erroneously named "1561 San Vitas Street", even though the street's name is San Vitus Boulevard.
  • "San" translates to "Saint" from Spanish to English. San Vitus could be a reference to the doom metal band St. Vitus, which originally hails from Los Angeles.
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