The San Fierro Police Department (SFPD) is the law enforcement agency in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, servicing the city of San Fierro, and is a branch of the police agency servicing the entire state of San Andreas, the San Andreas Police Department.


The San Fierro Police Department is modeled after the San Francisco Police Department. SFPD officers mostly travel on-foot or driving in their police vehicles. Sometimes, an officer may drive a Predator in San Fierro Bay.

Some officers may shout encouraging, nurturing words like "The police are your friends!" or "I'm actually a social worker in this uniform!" to those they pursue owing to the liberal atmosphere of San Fierro, but they use the same deadly force as any other police department throughout San Andreas. It is possible that they use these encouraging words to manipulate criminals into giving up. Some of them are also implied to be homosexuals, as indicated by lines like, "Wrestle me, honey!". Other officers will use the same gruff tone and demeanor as police in the rest of the state.



The major mode of transportation used by SFPD officers is the Police Car, which, despite both being based on the Premier, enjoys superior handling compared to that of the cruiser used by the Los Santos Police Department. The Predator is also widely used by SFPD officers in the San Fierro Bay.


Every patrol officer carries a pistol and a nightstick as their main weapons, although they will also use shotguns when the player has a 3-star or more wanted level.


While similar in appearance to Los Santos Police Department officers, SFPD officers are distinguishable by their black undershirt, a seven-point star-shaped badge, a second shield shaped arm badge (similar to that found on state patrol officers, and a mustache.

Police station

San Fierro Police Department's headquarters are located Downtown. The SFPD HQ contains four floors; however, it is not accessible during normal gameplay and can only be entered via the hidden interiors universe.

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