"Just hope you got insurance. Thank God we ain't communists. Free health care is revolting."
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The San Fierro Medical Center is a hospital center in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Santa Flora, San Fierro.


SFMC is the main hospital providing service for San Fierro, San Andreas. Its real-life equivalent would be the UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco.

It is located in the Santa Flora district, just north of City Hall, west of Chinatown, and south of Palisades and Juniper Hill.

The medical center is the largest hospital in San Andreas, essentially consisting of a large complex of three modern buildings partially connected by a sky-bridge, boasts a massive two-level parking lots and driveway for ambulances, and consists of 8 stories in the main block, and 5 stories in the other 2 blocks.

The player will respawn at the hospital if they are killed anywhere within San Fierro city limits. Alternately, if the player dates Katie Zhan and dies within 1.5 km from her house, the player will re-spawn at her home instead.

Up to two Ambulances may spawn at the driveway. Up to 5 random vehicles may spawn within the parking lots; two in the lower story and three in the upper. After the completion of "Learning to Fly", a Maverick and Raindance will spawn on the roof of the main medical block.

The San Fierro Medical Center is the largest Hospital in all of San Andreas. The large, flat rooftop provides an open space to safely land any helicopter or the Hydra.

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  • The hospital in the beta had helipads on its roof but these helipads are absent in the final version.



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