The San Fierro Fire Station is a fire station of the Fire Department of San Andreas[1] in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Doherty, San Fierro.


The San Fierro Fire Station is the only FDSA fire station that serves the city of San Fierro, with the exception of the Easter Bay Airport Fire Station which serves the Easter Bay Airport. It is located in the neighborhood of Doherty just east of the Doherty Garage.

The station itself appears to be relatively large, bigger than the Las Venturas Fire Station but smaller than the Los Santos Fire Station. It has large signs along the front garage doors and above the entrance door, as well as an American flag hanging above the three doors. Along the side of the station, red guttering is present. The rear of the station appears to mirror the front albeit lacking the signage and flag. There is a large open space behind the station for parked fire trucks.

Signage for the station suggests that the station is operated by its own fire department, as it reads "San Fierro Fire Dept.". Despite this, FDSA vehicles spawn at the station.[1]

Either a standard Fire Truck or ladder Fire Truck can spawn in the rear parking area behind the station. The two different fire truck models spawn in different spaces and interchange. This is the only location for the ladder variant of the Fire Truck to spawn.



  1. 1.0 1.1 The station is marked as the "San Fierro Fire Dept." but is otherwise utilized by the Fire Department of San Andreas, as evidenced by the presence of FDSA vehicles.


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