City Hall, San Fierro, as viewed to the southwest in GTA San Andreas.

SFCityhall1 HQ

Detailed map of City Hall, San Fierro.

The San Fierro City Hall (known simply as City Hall in-game), as the name implies, is the City Hall in San Fierro featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The building is located immediately west of the Queens district. North of the City Hall is the district of Santa Flora, while south of the landmark is the district of Ocean Flats. It is modeled after the Beaux Arts-style city hall of San Francisco, and sits on the western edge of a square plaza surrounded by a road connected to other roads from the north, east, and south.

Most pedestrians that can be found in the area are all residents of bordering Queens, Santa Flora and Ocean Flats. Taxis and Stretches can both be seen in this area, suggesting the variety of visitors to the city's civic center. Across from San Fierro's City Hall is a museum advertising an exhibition of Cop Art, a jab at the pop art movement.

The general area is a re-creation of San Francisco's Civic Center, with a concrete plaza surrounded by Edwardian architecture. The City Hall bears the resemblance of the real San Francisco City Hall, although much smaller and missing spire on top of the dome, and the museum across is based on the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Also the placement of city hall is incorrect as in real life it is situated in the geographic center of the city, not at all close to the ocean. The cubic monument on the square might be based on the Herman Plaza fountain. All the civic buildings are inaccessible to the player.



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