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The San Fierro City Hall, known simply as City Hall by area, is a city hall and neighborhood in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in San Fierro.


The building is located immediately west of the Queens district. North of the City Hall is the district of Santa Flora, and south, Ocean Flats.

Most pedestrians that can be found in the area are all residents of bordering Queens, Santa Flora and Ocean Flats. Taxis and Stretches can both be seen in this area, suggesting the variety of visitors to the city's civic center. Across from San Fierro's City Hall is a museum advertising an exhibition of Cop Art, a jab at the pop art movement.

The general area is a re-creation of San Francisco's Civic Center, with a concrete plaza surrounded by Edwardian architecture. The City Hall bears the resemblance of the real San Francisco City Hall, although much smaller and missing spire on top of the dome, and the museum across is based on the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. The cubic monument in the center seems to be based on the Vaillancourt Fountain.


  • Cane - found in front of the main city hall building
  • Camera - At the very center of the complex.
  • Two Snapshots - one in front of the city hall building and one behind.
  • Chilli Dogs vendor