The San Fierro Bypass, seen from Downtown.

San Fierro Bypass, is an elevated bypass highway in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The bypass runs from Whetstone to Tierra Robada. It is an elevated four lane bi-directional highway, with two lanes in each direction divided by a central reservation, which passes through the city of San Fierro before crossing the Garver Bridge and terminating at the Robada Intersection in southern Tierra Robada, with entry and exit junctions in various areas of San Fierro. Unlike the other highways in San Andreas, traffic on the San Fierro Bypass is generally slow-moving, except for the traffic crossing the Garver Bridge.

The Bypass appears to be based on U.S. Route 101 ,more specifically the Bayshore Freeway ,whilst the section crossing the Garver Bridge appears to be based on Interstate 80.

Including the Garver Bridge, the highway has a total length of 1.87 miles (3 kilometres).[citation/verification needed]

Exits and advisories

Exit no. Destination Remarks Post Mileage
0.00 ft
1A Foster Valley/Missionary Hill Parclo Intersection 580.55 ft
1B Easter Bay Int'l/Garcia 2399.40ft
1C Jct. San Fierro Highway/Doherty "T" intersection 3009.66 ft
2 Easter Basin/Doherty/Financial 5203.46 ft
Garver Bridge Approach 8177.22 ft
(high speed traffic on bridge)
3A-B Robada Intersection - Tierra Robada/Bone County/Jct. Las Venturas Highway "T" intersection 14726.81ft
3A Jct. Las Venturas Highway East - Fort Carson/Bone County/Red County/Las Venturas 14726.81 ft
3B Jct. Las Venturas Highway West - Tierra Robada/Bayside/Gant Bridge 15374.96 ft

Exits are measured from the junction at a road leading to Flint County (Eastbound) and Missionary Hill (Westbound)

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